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User Info: CervyBeast

10 years ago#1
Yes, here we go again lets do it :)

Algol: Zombiebear666 / crow_winters / babalook*

Amy: loloroco / K3VINS0RB0

Apprentice: OOFMATIC / Galen The Wise / THExILLESTxKUSH

Astaroth: Astaroth136 / loloroco / NinjaCW*

Cassandra: TB Nashfan / H20 TidalLeaf

Cervantes: babalook / xXxS 0 L 0xXx

Darth Vader: OOFMATIC / ArchNemesis585 / KaiAisu

Hilde: xSNBxCptAmerica / Niichts*

Ivy: NOFACEKILL3R / Neoghaleon / Felix007

Kilik: OOFMATIC / TUKK3 / babalook*

Lizardman: zombiebear666 / MOLDAIVER / Lajin Da Great*

Maxi: Twiggywales / sotirislive

Mitsurugi: MOLDAIVER / Zerosyc / LuckBoxDonk2

Nightmare: Astaroth136 / Ruben258 / Zombiebear666*

Raphael: HolyForce/ CaLaMiTy ArRow

Rock: HeeeeresJonny86 / MOLDAIVER / CRIMSONSMURF87

Setsuka: xXxS 0 L 0xXx / TUKK3 / Quake gets Neat*

Seong-Mina: Obzen24 / krazySyko / H20 TidalLeaf*

Siegfried: Aulord / PyroZamfir / Offbeat Ninja

Sophitia: Doggy TSF / Tha Rhynoman / H20 TidalLeaf

Taki: MOLDAIVER / RumbleRosesBOSS / Final Life G*

Talim: Oofmatic / Vealqince / BAIK0U

Tira: xIMTx Dragon / l NOXZ l / braveYUNGjablez*

Voldo: Zombiebear666 / Its Enkindu*

Xianghua: ALONEWOLF1/ ioKa1n / Quake gets Neat

Yoda: Oofmatic / TKU Demarcus / Zombiebear666*

Yoshimitsu: Hajime Owari / Loloroco / imMOLSONex*

Yun-seong: MusohBattohRyu / STRYDERcm / icychains*

Zasalamel: Codemaster92163 / sacredphoenix55*

* = questionable area or a place that spots have been altered.

Ok to get things going lets starts with the list rules (writen by krazysyko). These are just some of the better/best players we've seen of each character on Xbox Live, and the spots are always able to be taken. Post gamertags of those you've seen as good players and we'll see if anyone else knows that player. The names within the list on each character are NOT IN ORDER of skill, it's just a general top 3 type of thing with no clear order, as everybody plays differently. The list is always subject to change,so check throughout the topic for updates. If you want a spot try fighting some of the people on the list or some of the people known on this board to see how you measure up.We're not adding in anyone without the acknowledgement of that person's skill from MANY PEOPLE, we can't go on one person's word.


*Algol- i put me just to take up space and im kinda good with him, still questionable

*Astaroth- um not sure if they all still play

*Hilde- there's been some talk about spurious being up here but i want more thoughts on it

*Kilik- i put me which is very debatable but your other option is icychains which is resonable if you wanna swop me out for him

*Lizardman- i put zombie cause he's probably the best one ive seen and im not sure if Lajin Da Great still plays

*Nightmare- i put Zombie again as a filler cause he's pretty good with him and quite knowlegable with the nightmare

*Setsuka- i swiched chaoticity for quake cause he is unquestionably better and solo's into BB now

*Mina- H20 was put up cause he's better then nano and still plays the game

*Taki- this spot is very questionable but ill leave that to you guys to debate

*Voldo- yes i put zombie on another spot but thats casuse this is his new main and he is very worthy of being up here

*Yoda- zombie's now up there cause he's one of the few that use him well

*Yoshi- ya i know zombie again and i think you know why and code is a BB player now

*Yun- i put icy as not only as a filler but he's actually pretty good with yun, still questionable

*Zas- uh code plays BB now and the other guy disapeared

GT: babalook, Get Plundered

User Info: Jinnai_Yzak

10 years ago#2
Take IcyChains off that list, I am sorry, but if this is "Best Of Xbox Live" Then that is a disgrace to the Yun Seong's. I would add AngelsWillCry, hes got a really legit Yun Seong, he has creat counters and GIs, and hes also one of the few Yuns that I've fought that will Crance Stance up close.

Lol and I never fought ZombieBear's Yoda, but I'll assume its pretty good non the less!!

The ivy's look pretty good, and IMO Felix is one of the best on there.

The list look pretty solid, I'll see if I can think up the rest to add on there.
To live is to conquer

User Info: Jinnai_Yzak

10 years ago#3
Oh Yeah, get rid of ImMOLSON ex, he is a major trash talker and spams constant lows with his Yoshimitsu, he also extremly predictable on his move set usage. Codemaster is vastly superior to him, you should re-add Code, if he still plays.
To live is to conquer

User Info: Paragon049

10 years ago#4
Better keep that Voldo spot open. If I ever come back to this game i'm damn well shooting for it.

User Info: Darkmare43

10 years ago#5
braveYUNGjablez isn't very good....he had absolutely no defense and beat him with ease. He also talks a lot of trash.

I have no idea how he made this list.



User Info: mvc2mvp

10 years ago#6
***braveYUNGjablez isn't very good....he had absolutely no defense and beat him with ease. He also talks a lot of trash.

I have no idea how he made this list.***

im almost certain this is some sort of joke since A: ive probably never played u, and B: I NEVER talk trash, but wha cheva

on topic, ive always found that with threads like these im always most excited when i see my friends getting recognized, so props to Tukk3 and Noxz again, and to Final Life G, his Taki is beastly IMO
Gamertag: braveYUNGjablez
"C'mon I'm the MVP of this **** so you know my opinions legit!"

User Info: Unknown_Gamer11

10 years ago#7
Phoenix just came back from Japan recently Baba, so he's good to stay I think. Obzen played him the other day and said they were good games, take into account he's been gone for....a long time.
"Mmm, great!" -Sun Jian, the Tiger of Jiang Dong
GT: krazySyko

User Info: Unknown_Gamer11

10 years ago#8
If he's still playing her, Spurious could possible be up on the Hilde spot by the way. Oofmatic hasn't been on XBL for a while, neither has Crimsonsmurf. I forget if ioKa1n still plays this, I'll have to check sometime. Does Vealinquince still play at all?
"Mmm, great!" -Sun Jian, the Tiger of Jiang Dong
GT: krazySyko

User Info: sbn4

10 years ago#9
i agree about molsen. i played him on ranked, and he abuses lag like crazy. it was a 4 bar connection but there was plently of input delay. all he kept doing was lizardman's lows and his jumping unblockable.
"No man should have to fight any war but his own."

User Info: Neoghaleon55

10 years ago#10
hot***onyour*** needs to be on the hilde spot.
His name keeps changing
It Shall Be Engraved Upon Your Soul!
GT: neoghaleon
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