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User Info: mylescalibur4

10 years ago#101
HI guys nice guide btw, I was just wondering. Once you clear 30 acheivments you get the leviathen armor and voodoo armor right? I did but i didnt get squat. DId i do something wrong?

User Info: Odepius

10 years ago#102

As soon as i hit 30 achievements I went into the store and the voodoo and leviathan were both available. Check to make sure they aren't available in the store and also make sure your at 30.

User Info: DKong27

10 years ago#103
Good guide :P, but why are there "****" in some of the posts? They are usually for censoring, but I don't see how that would apply.

User Info: Mcmacladdie

9 years ago#104
Just wanted to give my thanks for this. I just got around to buying the game this afternoon, and I wasn't sure how to go about getting some of the achievements.
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User Info: macrat227

9 years ago#105
I don't get the "Looter of the Field" Acheivement. Elpain it to me someone .
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User Info: NicoTheLynch

9 years ago#106
Good guide
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User Info: Tailsrocks1234

9 years ago#107
Thanks for the achievement guide. I've just figured out how to be a cat and I needed this real bad. Kudos to you.
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User Info: BassMithra

8 years ago#108
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User Info: k0mbatdan

8 years ago#109
Phieeel posted...
Can style levels be increased through VS play? Or is it only single player?

I think it works both ways. I'm pretty positive it does.
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User Info: nice one Trev

nice one Trev
7 years ago#110
I'm surprised Cassandra hasn't tried to flood this topic with her boobs.
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