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User Info: dezzraven

11 years ago#1

Ok, firstly I'm DeZmonD from x360a and this is my Gamefaqs alias.

- Please request a sticky if you can.

- Do not post until I have finished posting, thanks.

- I've added some helpful videos which should be viewed on Youtube in "High Quality".

- You cannot get achievements in versus mode with 2 controllers.

- Controller orientation

7 8 9
4 N 6
1 2 3

A = X
B = Y
G = A
K = B

[A] = Hold A

Piminist Hater


Encounter with the Unknown 10
Fight against Yoda.

You will encounter Yoda in arcade mode when you play as The Apprentice (unlocked by completing arcade mode with Yoda). Can be boosted in Player matches.

Pursuer of the Secret 10
Clear STORY MODE on difficulty: NORMAL.

Complete story mode on normal difficulty.

Mystery of the Swords 20
Clear STORY MODE on difficulty: HARD.

Complete story mode on hard difficulty.

May the Force be with You 20
Clear STORY MODE with Yoda.

Complete story mode with Yoda.

War Veteran 10

Complete Arcade mode.

Hero on the Battlefield 20
Clear ARCADE MODE with over 450,000 points.

There are 8 battles in arcade mode with a total of 16 rounds. You get 10000 for life bonus and 15000 for perfects each round. With the little bonuses for things like wall hits and combos, you can earn 60000 to 75000 for 2 perfects. You get around 50000 for 1 perfect and another good round. You get a bonus of about 64000 for completing arcade mode without losing a round (Null and void if you throw a round and restart). That would mean a grand total of around 550000. But we all know it's almost impossible to get perfect on the later stages (cough cough The Apprentice).

You can throw a battle if you don't get a perfect without any point deductions. So basically, you get 6 perfects in the first 3 fights and that pumps your score to 200000 with 5 battles left to go. I managed to get 1 perfect in the remaining 5 battles excluding The Apprentice.

Simply put, get 2 perfects in each of the first 3 battles and then at least 1 perfect in the next 5 battles. Also make sure you never lose a round, if you do, just throw the fight and restart.

Tip: Use Astaroth's diagonal back down+hold A, B. (1[A], B) and alternate between 1[A], A or A+B
Watch the video below

Legendary Hidden Treasures 20
Acquire over 30 treasures in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.

Meet the requirements for at least 30 Floors of the Tower of Lost Souls. See the TOLS thread on this forum for more infromation. Here's the link:

Never Ending Advance 20
Descend 20 floors in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.

Reach Floor 20 in the TOLS on descend. You unlock Descend when you complete 20 floors of acsend. Wait until you have unlocked more equipment to create a custom character with High attack, defense, Hp, Hp Drain A and/or Hp Burst.

Tower's New Guardian 30
Clear all upper floors of TOWER OF LOST SOULS.

Complete 60 floors of the TOLS on Ascend. The key to completing this is creating custom characters with the appropriate skills required for some floors.

Generally, try to create a character with high defense and high hp, adding in skills like Hp Drain A and Hp Burst. For 45-47F in particular, create a character with Yun-Seong's soul, high defense, high hp, soul gauge vamp and soul gauge damage A.

Scorpion's Sting 10
Win a battle with Critical Finish.

A Critical Finisher is performed after a Soul Crush by pressing A+B+K+G together. Each character has a Soul gauge represented by the colour of the round gem next to the Hp bar. An opponent's Soul gague is reduced when he/she blocks an attack. When the opponent's Soul guage depletes to such a state that the Hp bar begins flashing red, any time the opponent blocks another attack, he/she may get Soul Crushed. This will show your opponent flickering red with electricity and his/her Soul Gauge will turn black, you have about 1 second to press A+B+K+G. This is known as a Critical Finisher and it ends a battle immediately.

Level Yun-Seong to level 9. Create a custom character with low attack, high defense and high hp, but more importantly, give your character Soul Gauge Vamp and Soul Gauge Damage A.

Whenever you see your Soul Gauge flashing white, press A+B+K to reduce the opponent's Soul Gauge. Now, keep performing forward+B, B. Your opponent will block almost everytim and they will eventually get Soul Crushed, setting you up for the Critical Finish.

Smasher 10
Destroy all of the opponent's equipment.

- Make a character with low attack, high defense, high hp
- For skills, have Hp Burst if possible
- Play TOS ascension Floor 11 where they have high defense
- Just attack them with low, middle and high attacks (obviously you have to know which are which)

High attack - A,A or B+K
Middle attack - 14A, B or B,B or 4B+K, [A+B]
Low attack - 14[A]

14 = Diagonal back down
[] = Holding down the button

Iron Hammer 10
Land an attack on a taunting opponent.

You will eventually get this naturally. Easiest when boosted in a Player match, press K+G to taunt.

Death on the Battlefield 30
Perform 100 Critical Finishes.

See Scopion Sting.
Play through story mode on normal with the Yun-Seong CAS, soul gauge vamp whenever you can and just pound away with 6B, B.

Like a Flowing Stream 20
Perform 200 Impacts.

- Create a character with high defense and high hp.
- Give him/her Auto Impact A and Impact Heal
- Just hold block and let the enemy attack you
- Play one of the harder floors in TOLS acsension. Play the one with Cassandra because she attacks very often and very quickly.

An easy way to get both of these online is to get a friend to play a Yoda and you play as Kiliki. Get your friend to do light attacks with Yoda (X) and then you press (->) + (A). Yoda is the easiest character to do impacts against as he has to jump to do light attack, so it is easy to anticipate. So when you see Yoda jump do the Impact.

User Info: dezzraven

11 years ago#2

Lost in the Moment 30
Perform 20 Just Impacts.

- Create a character with high defence and high hp
- Give him/her Master Impact and Impact Heal
- Play one of the harder floors in TOLS acsension. Play the one with Astaroth because his attacks are slower and you can anticipate them easier.

Quick Strike 10
Perform 5 First Attacks in a row in Arcade.

Attack the opponent first 5 times in a row in Arcade mode.

Swift Strike 20
Perform 100 First Attacks.

This is accumulative. So you will get it naturally.

Mad Destroyer 20
Perform 100 Soul Crushes.

See Scopion Sting.

Endure 1,000 30
Guard 1,000 times against attacks.

This will come naturally.

Water Moon 20
Perform 30 grapple breaks.

This is come naturally.

Distance will not Betray 20
Reach over 10,000 meters in total movement distance in battle.

This will come naturally.

First Step as an Artist 5
Customize a regular character.

In Create a Character mode, select any regular character, select slot 3, make any change, exit and save.

Chosen by History 5
Create a custom character.

In Create a Character mode, select the character icon with the Green haired male and pink haired female. Create a custom character, exit and save.

Sharpened Teeth 20
Maximize a ****s level.

You level up characters' **** by defeating an opponent (not a round or total damage done). E.g In the first battle of Story mode, you face 3 enemies, your character ****makes progress towards leveling up when you defeat just 1 opponent.

If you play TOLS with 2 characters, Mitsurugi and Yun-Seong, whoever defeats the opponent gets the "exp" towards leveling up their **** Even if Mitsurugi does 90% of the damage and Yun-Seong delivers the final blow.

Equal Skill and Power 20
Use all skill points and set up 4 skills.

**** Mitsurugi

Weapon: Masamune

Suit: None
Head: Nightmare Helm
Eyes: None
Neck: Guardian's Neck Cloth
Shoulders: Viking Shoulders
Body (Vest): Executioner's Garters
Body (Jacket/Shirt): Frilled Shirt
Arms: Caretaker's Gauntlets
Legs: Guardian's Breeches
Socks: None
Shoes/Boots: Vagrant's Waraji

Skill Settings:
1. Auto Unblockable Attack C (already on weapon itself)
2. Auto Grapple Break C
3. Shave Damage B
4. Nullify Counter C

Then choose 'finish' and it should unlock.

Engraved into History 30
Fight 100 times (Online).

This is accumulative of Player and Ranked matches.

World ****Fighter 30
Fight against 20 different fighting **** (Online).

This is accumulative of Player and Ranked matches. Just play with a friend and have each other use a different character every time with the round setting to 1.

World Traveler 30
Fight on all stages (Online).

- You unlock stages as you complete story mode, so play through story mode with all characters first to make sure you have all stages unlocked.
- Fulfil the TOSL ascension floor 14 requirements to unlock a stage (Phantom Pavillion - Seesaw)

- List of all maps:
Thesmophoros Imperial Garden
Distant Marsh
Hall Of The Warrior God
Star Destroyer Docking Bay - Laser Gates
Star Destroyer Docking Bay - Bridge Overhang
Tower Of Remembrance - Encounter
Tower Of Remembrance - Degradation
Tower Of Remembrance - Spiral Of Time
Tower Of Remembrance - Ancient Gate
Kumpaetku Shrine - Dream Remnants
Egyptian Temple - Sacred Flame
Ostrheinsburg Castle - Twilight
Jyurakudai Villa - Virgin Snow
Grand Labyrinth - Corridor Of Suspended Time
Sailor's Rest
Phantom Pavilion - Seesaw
Phantom Pavilion
Wolfkrone Monument
Ice Coffin Of The Sleeping Ancient
Ostrheinsburg Castle Throne Room

Gladiator 20
Win consecutive Ranked Matches (Online).

Win 2 Ranked Matches in a row. Some claim that this is glitched, so just host the Ranked Matches and win 2 in a row.

Unknown Swordsman 20
Win 10 times (Online).

Self explanatory.

Hero King 30
Level up to 20 (Online).

You earn points for winning Ranked Matches and leveling up goes by pretty quickly. You will need to win around 80 matches to reach level 20.

Divine Punishment 20
K.O. with an Unblockable Attack.

An unblockable attack is when the screen darkens and a character's weapon gets engulfed in flames. Defeat an enemy with an Unblockable attack to unlock this. An easy way to do this is to use The Apprentice and lower your opponent's health to about 20%. Back off and perform Back+A+B. This is an unblockable, ranged lightning attack.

User Info: dezzraven

11 years ago#3

Reversal Wizard 20

Win 20 times with low HP.

Win a round when your health is low. This should come naturally.

Phoenix 10

Win with all equipment destroyed.

- Make a character with low attack, high defense, high hp

- For skills, have Hp Drain A and/or Hp burst

- Play TOS ascension Floor 24 and just let them attack you

- When you are low on health, finish them off 1 by 1 to regain health, or use Hp burst

- Keep the last guy at low Hp so that you can win quickly because I got this achievement with 4 seconds left

Wandering Assassin 10

K.O. opponent with over 20 types of weapons.

Defeat an opponent with 20 different characters/styles.

Repel All Blades 30

Win perfect 30 times.

After you learn a character's moveset and get enough practice, you will be getting Perffect's fairly regularly. Alternatively, just keep replaying the first 2 battles of story or arcade mode.

Numeric God 20

Measure the two passages of time and win.

Win a fight and have the last 2 digits in the Total time match that of the round time. You will get this by luck.

Two Cannot Exist Together 20

Exhaust each other's power.

Get a double K.O such that both you and the opponent get K.Oed and the round ends in a draw.

Use Yoshimitsu and do this:

Hold forward+A+K. He faces the other way and stabs himself through the body such that his sword goes through his torso and stabs the enemy as well, doing about 50% damage.

Gathering of the Best 20


- Buy all the greyed out characters in Create a Character mode

- Unlock 5 Bonus characters by completing Story mode (multiple times with different characters)

- Complete Arcade mode with Yoda to unlock The Apprentice.

- Go to Museum > Chain of Souls and exit

5 Bonus Characters and how to unlock them

- Shura -- Ivy, Taki, Raphale, Setsuka, Seon Mi-Na, Cervantes, Kamikirimusi

- Ashlotte -- Astaroth, Maxi, Lizardman, Sophitia, Rock, Talim, Angol Fear

- Kamikirimusi -- Xianghua, Tira, Cassandra, Mitsurugi, Amy, Yun-Seong, Shura

- Angol Fear -- Kilik, Algol, Zasalamel, The Apprentice, Scheherazade

- Scheherazade -- Voldo, Hilde, Nightmare, Siegfried, Yoshimitsu, Yoda, Ashlotte

Violent Storm 20

Perform 50 Wall Hits.

Play on stages with walls and when the opponent is near the wall, perform a throw or a strong attack. Personally, I used Mitsurugi's basic A+G throw when the opponent's back is facing the wall.

10,000 Strikes of Proof 30

Land 10,000 attacks.

This will come naturally.

Observer of Souls 30

Collect all illustrations in Art Gallery.

Buy everything in Illustrations, High Quality Models, Promotional Material and Special. You have to unlock all characters first.

Sword Hunter 15

Collect all weapons for 5 characters.

Each character has a total of 8 weapons, you have to buy them all in Create a Character Mode. By default, each character has 6 weapons, completing story mode with them unlocks 2 more weapons.

The Controller 20

Get Soul Calibur (Final Form).

Complete Siegfried's story mode and buy Soul Calibur (Final Form) in the Create a Character Mode.

Wild Run to Tragedy 20

Get Soul Edge (Final Form).

Complete Nightmare's story mode and buy Soul Edge (Final Form) in the Create a Character Mode.

Looter of the Battlefield 20

Collect all accessories.

You DO NOT have to complete 40 floors of TOSL descend to unlock all accessories. Apparently, when you unlock a certain amout or type of achievements, you unlock more equipment/accessories to be bought. I got this achievement when I was at 37 achievements. Accessories belong to "Special equipment" which only a few characters like Yoda, The Apprentice, Bonus Characters and Algol can access.

Wandering Weapon Merchant 20

Collect 350 pieces of equipment.

See Looter of the Battlefield. Buy equipment from the Create a Character mode until you reach 350. I got it way before I bought all the equipment for males alone.

Transcend History and the World 50

Acquire all weapons and equipment.

See Looter of the Battlefield.

You need to unlock all characters and complete story mode with all of them once.

- You need around 1 million to 2 million to buy all equipment for males and females (estimate).

- 8 weapons x 34 characters (60k average)

- You do not need to complete all levels of TOLS to get this achievement

- Buy all accessories

- Check Voldo if you can't get the achievement, apparently, there is an item called "Imprisoned Mask" that only Voldo can buy

Start of a New Era 5

Welcome to the new world of SOULCALIBUR!

Watch the opening cutscene.

You have to watch the whole thing once you boot the game up and then press start when it asks you to. If you let it run past that bit, you won't get the achievement. The achievement then pops once you hit the main menu.

Tower of Gold 20

Acquire 1,000,000 gold.

Do 60F in the Tower of Souls and let Algol jump-ring out himself. Do not attack at all; back off until you reach the black rings and let Algol knock you off your feet, roll around and let Algol attack you, he will eventually jump out.

This is cumulative, so don't worry about saving gold. Meaning you can spend it. I got my achievement with 500k gold in my "bank".

Video of me doing Arcade mode normally with Mitsurugi (520k)

Video of me doing Arcade mode with Astaroth's cheap ranged attacks (525k)

Video showing how to get quick gold, smasher achievement, soul crush, impact

3 Part, 22 minute Video of me playing Tower of Lost Souls Descend. I die on levels 9 and 25.




User Info: jamy503

11 years ago#4
Requested for sticky
You need to improve on having less x's before and after your gamertag.

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11 years ago#5
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User Info: lexx_co

11 years ago#6
bump. nice job!

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11 years ago#7
Good guide and yes this needs a sticky

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11 years ago#8
*Requests a sticky* :P
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11 years ago#9
Sticky plzzzzz
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11 years ago#10
sticky yo
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