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User Info: TheVVatcher

11 years ago#101
Wu, thanks for taking the time to make this! Its an excellent guide for people that just picked up the game such as myself. Best crash course Ive ever had!

Ive rented this game twice and recently decided to pick it up. I stumbled on a Premium Edition and I think its suppose to give you more parts and costumes, etc. Do you think its worth 20 bucks more for the Premium Edition?

Also, do you know if I can load the save from the regular version to the PE game? Or do you have to start from scratch when you start on the PE version.

User Info: hak145

11 years ago#102
can give me some tips and helps on floor 45-46 in the tower of souls? No matter what tactic i try they keep beating me to the point where im giving up. I don't know how to beat it. It s almost impossibvle. Some helful suggestions anybody?
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User Info: Kuri-Kuri-Nyawu

11 years ago#103
You can use the same save in both versions, since the only thing the premium has is a little peice of paper with the code for the downloadable content. Just make sure you use the same account on your PSN since saves are tied to it.

As for worth it or not, up to you. If you really want the limited DLC, go for it, if not, then don't. T__T I just wish they were DL-able normally in the store by now (even if I have to pay 5$ for it or something).
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User Info: Kuri-Kuri-Nyawu

11 years ago#104
and random update:


moar combos! (viewable in HD as well)
^_^ Hello Person!!!™©
www.nyawu.com - Now vers 2.5(?!) PSN: Nyawu
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User Info: K-y-u-u-n

10 years ago#106

One advice too.

You are not good if you keep pressing the same button over and over. You just suck at the game if you do.

It's common to see people press the same button on XBL and say they're better. Then if they're losing, they turn off the game and say we're cheating. That's why I believe Fighting games should NOT have online interactions.

User Info: nmasse

10 years ago#107
I agree w/ the 1 button masher comment, but if this game had no online then why would you ever play it after you've created the ultimate custom and beaten every story?
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User Info: MeanGreenLuigi

10 years ago#108
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Newtype_Andy

9 years ago#109
I can't seem to find an answer through my searching, so perhaps someone can provide more details on the SWT button?

Sometimes it doesn't let me switch it seems. Even if I have bars available, and even if I'm just idling at range. What causes SWT to fail exactly?

Sorry for such a silly question, I just couldn't easily find an answer.

User Info: sephiroth7778

2 years ago#110
Thanks for the awesome guide!
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