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User Info: frik040

4 years ago#1
i got the skill called " Soul Repel " but how does it works ? It rejects the opponent's attack automatically or i must press some buttons every time he attacks me to reject ? And how can i get the points to equip it ?

I used Soul Edge but it didn't absorb my life why? How can the opponent lose health automatically using Soul Edge ?

User Info: VioletSystems

4 years ago#2
I wanna see a more elaborate explanation/FAQ of these stats.
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User Info: Dextrose2

4 years ago#3
Does the skill goes only from abc? Or can get skill S too? Because this b-tc-is getting so annoying that I can't beat her! She always block it and when I'm close to it that when she get to attack me very strong and how do use those skill anyway am so confuse of what bottom to use for the skill!
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