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User Info: SamEJIV

11 years ago#1
Everyone if you've been reading the thread I posted on 8wayrun, you will see that I defeated everyone that they threw at me. I went through ridiculous flame war arguments, but I gave it right back to all of them. I went there, challenged everyone and kicked ass. All the while proudly representing for GameFAQS.

And the fact that it got so crazy they felt the need to close it, I take that as nothing else then a forfeit.
I went in there with a goal, to find great players I don't know and have great games taking everyone down.
Like KrayzieCD once said, I "took names and kicked ass". It was a war guys, and I was on the front lines, LightSaber in hand.
I defeated 8wayrun.com with my Apprentice.

Big thanks to the players that supported me there
Laur, Roldu, and especially Dekree, that last thing you said was just the perfect closer lol.

Now did I defeat EVERYONE there? No. But if you're a 8way regular there's no way possible you missed my challenge. That and I message quite a few players challenging a LOT of the players. Many people rejected when they saw the topic and learned that I was no joke 2nd rate Apprentice player.

People may LOL at this whole thing, lol please go ahead, it IS funny, its hilarious. XD

SCIV has been boring lately.. I just once again wanted to bring some excitement, and I did it just in time for the SCIV ANNIVERSERY!!!

And for the longest players wondered why I, SamEJIV such a dedicated player never took my skills to 8way.. The "real" SCIV site
Yeah.. Read through the entire thread you'll see why.
Honestly, it got about.. 80+ replies and 4000+ views in 2 days! Check it out guys its really a good laugh if you didn't see it yet.

"I" may have been the one to actually defeat 8wayrun, but I did it wearing GameFAQS Flag.
Shout outs to Dekree also for trashing them months earlier!
This victory belongs to GameFAQS.com! XD

"I guess you needed t see it for yourself"
Perfect Apprentice victory quote.
I'm working double shifts AND overtime... I gotta tell you man,, being the best is a FULL time job! PSN:SamEJIV

User Info: NDK916

11 years ago#2

lol too funny man

User Info: pr00pal

11 years ago#3
nobody could stop gamefaqs!!!!! or maybe just sam... xD

User Info: Kuri-Kuri-Nyawu

11 years ago#4
And yet you refuse all invites to goto the monthly gatherings and actually play decent competition, and instead spend time troll baiting people, while giving gamefaqs a worse rep than it already has.

Way to go.
^_^ Hello Person!!!™©
www.nyawu.com - Now vers 2.5(?!) PSN: Nyawu

User Info: Megiddo_Flare

11 years ago#5
This little squabble was a bit trivial, but it did provide with a couple of laughs. XD Way to go Sam. You rock. ^_^

User Info: ShinjiUrahara

11 years ago#6
Where can I view this thread, it seems quite interesting.

User Info: animefreak6969

11 years ago#7
lol i go to 8wr everyday, and i saw nothing about this on there atall.

also most people on 8wr were focusing on Nats and Evo these last 2 weeks, most people wouldn't care.

User Info: Devil_Man

11 years ago#8
I go to 8wayrun and saw nothing of this topic until now. Either way, I don't understand why you're rejecting their invitation to go to a Koga. If you're confident in your skills, hell, you can even pay off the trip there (which I imagine wouldn't cost much to begin with).

You can hug him, cuddle with him, sleep with him at night, hell he can do everything, he can even swear! The Devil Man Youroki Plush Doll! Buy him, today

User Info: SamEJIV

11 years ago#9
*takes a bow*
Thank you, thank you, you are all far to kind ^_^
Lol and thanks Shinji haha yep I really let him have it. Come on now, his Zas was just.. Wack. And there's no excuse cause apparently a za player made it pretty far in evo.
Nightmare with NO Ringout game? Or game period? Wack.
Any one that's played my Tira knows I just practically EVERY single attack, lol its something to see really.
And he couldn't pull off a single just, lame :p

Ok Wu, whatever, you're like a buzzkill man. Posting stickies and info here and there doesn't cut it. Idk but I've never heard anything about you playing SCIV before either... so what's up? I didn't give it a worse rep. The 8way players were Aholes man, that never would have happened here like that.

And to you and plush doll, I already explained why in that thread why I'm not going to the koga tourney. F PAYING PEOPLE to play this game. I'm saving up for a lot of things and I don't have the time or money to spend playing a game I can at home. Perhaps we could meet somewhere close by.. But come on man really? That's too out of my way. I don't have a car... like wtf? I explained it, BEST on PSN. An amazing online player doesn't suck offline cause really, its like the same s*** basically. Unless you're hyper20 or something... :p but you guys know what I mean already. You can tell if someone sucks or not online, not like online is THAT serious when the connection is a really good 5 bars. Comeon, do what I do with Apprentice in a lag match if online really gives that much of a handicap. Yeah, spam 44K lmao like you can supposedly. You can't.

I'm not explaining this again, but no man, I'm not traveling for like and hour to PAY for a FEW matches then travel back. Waste of gas, money, and well, time. I can play great players from home in a"decent" enough fashion to satisfy me. Besides, I got a great Amy player right next to me half the time... I appreciate the offer guys, although it sounds more like a "shut up sam you're not that good for killing hundreds of players online, xD, cause yeah.. Koga.. THAT'S where the real players are!"

All this talk about Koga.. Reminds me of inuyasha, and that show annoyed me to no end. xD
I'm working double shifts AND overtime... I gotta tell you man,, being the best is a FULL time job! PSN:SamEJIV

User Info: Tim_Masterful

11 years ago#10
Hey, I challenge you. I will be sending a friend request, and an invite.
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