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  3. Whats the Doom Combo with Hilde?

User Info: Doom_Dragon_103

10 years ago#1
What is it, I've heard of it alot and I don't know what it is xD I main Hilde and I'm a scrub so idk what any AT"s are with her. **too much melee o_O

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User Info: pr00pal

10 years ago#2
idk how to write her charge things but its Chrg3B 44K Chrg2B:B Chrg3A Chrg2B:B Chrg2A:A
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User Info: kakarot007

10 years ago#3
^pr00pal's got it right....I think, lol. I don't really know either but it's a combo that if you are hit by, and you hit the ground, and tech roll, and there is an edge, you basically get the Ring Out. That's is what I assume it is. But I think the first time you hit the ground, do not move and let the charge miss and you'll be okay....I think. Hmmm....I'm confusing myself here, lol. But yea, I assume it's her Ring out Combo.
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User Info: Ruby Sapphire

Ruby Sapphire
10 years ago#4
The opponent does not need to tech roll for it to hit.
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User Info: Kuri-Kuri-Nyawu

10 years ago#5
If you tech after the LAST C2AA, another C2BB techtraps you and relaunches you for another free C2AA... and if you're stupid enough to tech again, C2BB techtraps again.

Basically when C2AA is used as an ender, DON'T TECH.
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  3. Whats the Doom Combo with Hilde?
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