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User Info: DynastyDemon

10 years ago#91
dude thats why its called an instruction book!!!! learn to read it
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User Info: equinox_ii

10 years ago#92
^ Agreed
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User Info: GateOfDestiny

10 years ago#93

Normal A+G and B+G throws are considered “High”
But there are special command crouch throws that targets people who are in a crouching state. Those are usually preformed by doing 2A+G or 2B+G.>>>

Does Talim have a low throw?
I set her against a computer on training mode and set it to crouch, but I can't seem to get her to do a low throw that way.
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User Info: Kuri-Kuri-Nyawu

10 years ago#94
Talim does not have a low throw.

Off the top of y head, some examples of people that have a low throw is Xianghua, Rock, Asta, Cassandra.
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User Info: khalahaley

10 years ago#95
tag -Kikkoman!
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User Info: Someone_342

10 years ago#96
This question is probably somewhere else, but I couldn't find it, so I'm sorry. But, my question is the following: how do I switch characters?
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User Info: Gustgustave

10 years ago#97
Press R1 when your soul gauge is blue or flashing blue.

Question, how do you see your connection bars while online?
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User Info: NyawuEx

10 years ago#98
R1 maybe different on his controller. Look at your control scheme in the options menu and look for "SWT", aka "switch". Also it's not The soul gauge, but the bars on the bottom of your side of the screen if you have a character to switch to indicates when you can switch. Each switch cost one bar, and the bars refills over time.

And you don't look for your bars online, whatever the bars your oppn have, is the connection that person has with you. SC4 is played via P2P connection, instead of client side-server side. Which means that it's best to play people near you (and are of 5/5 bars), so both players will have reduced lag.

User Info: Gustgustave

10 years ago#99
I must have been thinking of soul crush halfway in that sentence, he is correct. And that really sucks for me than, need to find some floridians, all my connections have been 3-4 bars than.
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User Info: Someone_342

10 years ago#100
Now, one last question, how do I unlock The Apprentice? There are two blank spaces between Vader and the bonus characters...
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