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User Info: tisisteve

4 years ago#1
Recently I picked up this game and the Phoenix Wright Trilogy on sale on the 3DS e-shop and I was wondering if it was ok to skip Apollo Justice and play this game immediately after I finish the trilogy. I'm currently on Justice For All after having finished the first game a few days ago and I really want to play all the games right away but I probably won't be able to buy Apollo Justice for a while.

So should I wait after I finish the Trilogy or should I just jump into Destinies?

User Info: Blade_Kirby

4 years ago#2
If you find yourself really liking the story, characters, and interwoven plot threads of the first 3 games, I would recommend holding off on DD until you can play AJ. You will appreciate some of the characters more, as well as the circumstances of Phoenix (this is precisely one of those details that AJ explains at length).

My rationale is that its not a series that pumps out titles so there is no fear of you falling behind. Personally, I would rather be patient and experience the story as it was written rather than jump around.

DD does do a really good job of not spoiling any of AJ's twists, but some of the events will carry more weight if you are already emotionally invested in Apollo.
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User Info: tisisteve

4 years ago#3
Thank you for the info. I guess I'll try to slow down a bit and pick up Apollo Justice as soon as possible.

Before actually buying any of the games and getting into the series I actually though Apollo Justice was one of the spin-off games which is why I neglected to pick it up. It's really going to annoy me that I can't own all the games on the same format though, I wish I could either have them all digital or all physical.

User Info: scaler24

4 years ago#4
Most of AJ:AA is pretty much vital knowledge for SoJ to have an impact on you, so definitely play that one first.
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