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User Info: Mathiasonprj

4 years ago#1
Ok, so I was replaying Case 2, The Monstrous Turnabout, when I noticed something strange. When you examine the trophies and championship belt in the study, it says "The Amazing Nine-Tails, Yokai Div. Winner, Tenma Town Pro Wrestling Tournament." Now, I can understand the Tenma Town mention alluding to the Amazing Nine-Tails's real identity as Damian Tenma but what I don't get is why those trophies and belt are in Kyubi's house. It seems to allude to a bit of a large plot hole, but does anyone have any ideas?

User Info: JLazarillo

4 years ago#2
As I recall, Nine-Tails was a method by which Tenma could support Nine-Tails Vale covertly, since he didn't really want to annex the town, so he may have dedicated his trophies and such for display in the village. It's also possible that L'Belle planted the trophies there, since the misunderstanding of identities was vital to his convoluted plan.
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User Info: Mathiasonprj

4 years ago#3
That's a possibility. I wonder also if Kyubi knew about Nine-Tails and his secret. That's one thing the case never really got into, which bugged me. Also, when you find out about Tenma being Nine-Tails, it always bugged me that Simon never pointed out the various trophies being there. He could have used that as evidence that Kyubi was Nine-Tails. Heck, when you first find them, Athena even assumes they were awarded to Kyubi. Ah well.
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