What weapon carried you through the game?

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User Info: zeb_gossage

3 months ago#1
I am just curious what different weapon of choice people used to dominate the game when times were rough! Mine was the submachine gun.
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User Info: LancetJades

3 months ago#2
Combat Shotgun, Chinese Assault Rifle, and unarmed weapons (mainly spiked knuckles and then Deathclaw Gauntlet).
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User Info: snowblind

3 months ago#3
Ol' Painless and as back up the Xuanlong assault rifle.
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User Info: RockrrGirrl19

3 months ago#4
Combat Shotgun, 10mm, Power Fist, Plasma Rifle and grenades.

User Info: kingsiv

3 months ago#5
Early: Ol' Painless and Deathclaw Gauntlet
Late: Gauss Rifle (glitched unbreakable) and Backwater Rifle
Also, Plunket's Valid Points w/ Paralyzing Palm on Albino Scorpions and Super Mutant Overlords.
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User Info: The_Awry

3 months ago#7
Unarmed Weapons and Sniper Rifles all the way.
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User Info: BeastBoxGaming

3 months ago#8
On my first playthrough, I challenged myself and went through almost the whole game with a Hunting Rifle only.

User Info: old_man_gimp

2 months ago#9
Lincoln's Repeater.
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User Info: BayouJoe

2 months ago#10
Combat shotgun!
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