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User Info: starjed

11 years ago#1
















User Info: zipdiggler

11 years ago#2
I didn't view them all, but the only FO3 ones i saw were, #1, 8, and uh, 3rd from last.

gawdamn does Detroit suck. I bet that's why they'll never have any FO game take place there, the locals would think it a modern day FPS and not a post-apocolyptic RPG
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User Info: joe_spiddock

11 years ago#3
All i gotta say is ....WOW!
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User Info: Geist

11 years ago#4
Does any one here live in Detroit? If so, why is it so trashed? The pictures make it seem like Chernobyl.

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User Info: __BlackPooL__

11 years ago#5
Does any one here live in Detroit? If so, why is it so trashed? The pictures make it seem like Chernobyl.

I don't live there, but my primary assumption is the economy has had a drastic effect on the Auto Industry, which is huge in Detroit.

I also believe their Mayor is just epically bad.

In any case, the pictures you see here are the WORST of Detroit. The whole city wouldn't look like that.

User Info: King_G_Elite

11 years ago#6
I am from Detroit, and yea it IS that BAD... those are just a FEW of the MANY empty buildings, vacant houses, crack houses, chop shops, drug filled playgrounds and havens for crime. It's sad to say but i can see the similarities between the two... but i think Mayor Bing may be able to turn it around if he can get any help from the City Council. I mean at least Mayor Bing is not getting paid to be mayor...or living in the Mayor's Mansion......
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User Info: RandomTask4454

11 years ago#7
i live in the suburbs but i know that they had a terrible council that wouldnt listen to anyone or let anyone help them. but detroit has not had a very easy time with the recession and stuff but they need to get rid of the old delapitated buildings i mean im sure that a lot of people will do it cheap i mean even getting paid a little to destroy a building i call that fun
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User Info: menalaos1971

11 years ago#8
Were all of those taken below 8 mile road? The last time I was there I thought it was Beirut in the 80's. I won't even stop at a stop light in those neighborhoods.
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User Info: King_G_Elite

11 years ago#9
^ as well you shouldn't, that's how you get robbed or killed, besides the cops aren't going to stop you...i know a lot of people who don't even have a license driving around in the D
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User Info: ChunkyKongClan

11 years ago#10
This one is pretty Fallout-y
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