Auron's Universal DLC FAQ: The Final Edition

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User Info: ty1098

7 years ago#111
"YEEEEAH!!!! Who just shot a mother******* molerat!? I DID THAT'S WHO. OH MAN SMELL THAT AIR. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Oliver as a companion. - Technician_X
you've inspired me to find a GOTY disc to play the DLCs, i salute you
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User Info: RussellGorall

6 years ago#113
STOP POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: Maxim284503

6 years ago#114
RussellGorall posted...
STOP POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


User Info: angelkay16

1 year ago#115
Main fc: 4441-9257-9516 Aurora of Gemville
2nd fc: 0791-5824-0768 Sapphire of Meadows

User Info: Hinakuluiau

8 months ago#116
RussellGorall posted...
STOP POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are some things where I just bypass critical thinking. - ROD

User Info: gwwak

7 months ago#117
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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