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User Info: Auron66

9 years ago#1

Chapter 1.0: Operation Anchorage
Chapter 1.1: General Information
Chapter 1.2: Weapons, armour and the rest
Chapter 1.3: How do you restore health/ ammunition
Chapter 1.4: The Intelligence Cases
Chapter 1.5: Achievements and Perk
Chapter 1.6: Trouble Shooting
Chapter 1.7: Glitches/ Bugs
Chapter 2.0: The Pitt
Chapter 2.1: General Information
Chapter 2.2: Weapons, armour and the rest
Chapter 2.3: The Steel Ingots
Chapter 2.4: The use of the Steel Ingots
Chapter 2.5: Achievements and perks
Chapter 2.6: Trouble Shooting
Chapter 2.7: Glitches/ Bugs
Chapter 3.0: Broken Steel
Chapter 3.1: General Information
Chapter 3.2: Weapons, Armour and the rest
Chapter 3.3: New (Side) Quests
Chapter 3.4: Achievements and Perks
Chapter 3.5: Trouble Shooting
Chapter 3.6: Glitches/ Bugs
Chapter 4.0: Point Lookout
Chapter 4.1: General Information
Chapter 4.2: Weapons, Armour and the Rest
Chapter 4.3: Side Quests
Chapter 4.4: Achievements and Perks
Chapter 4.5: Trouble Shooting
Chapter 4.6: Glitches/ Bugs
Chapter 4.7: Exploits/ Good Glitches
Chapter 5.0: Mothership Zeta
Chapter 5.1: General Information
Chapter 5.2: Weapons, armour and the rest
Chapter 5.3: Restoring your health
Chapter 5.4: The Alien Captive Recordings
Chapter 5.5: Achievements and perks
Chapter 5.6: Trouble Shooting
Chapter 5.7: Glitches/ Bugs
Chapter 6.0: Fallout New Vegas
Chapter 7.0: Credits

Chapter 1.0: Operation Anchorage
Operation Anchorage, a simulation that will send you to the icy fields of Alaska, Anchorage to battle the Chinese who have invaded your soil. Show them who’s in control!

Chapter 1.1: General Information
Operation Anchorage, the first piece of DLC released on 27 January 2009.
The price is 800 Microsoft Points which is roughly 10 dollars.

The DLC will contain around 2 ½ / 3 hours in total and will have 4 different quests.
You NEED the patch to be able to play the DLC.

The DLC is not available for PS3. In order to play Operation Anchorage in Asia you need to have patch 1.4.

You'll get the location, Bailey's Crossroads, when you get the transmission!

Chapter 1.2: Weapons, armour and the rest

Chapter 1.3: How do you restore health/ ammunition
Restoring ammunition and health is very easy. To restore your health you need to activate a Health Dispenser. The same goes for ammunition. As soon as you use it you will get a set
number of ammunition for all weapons. You can find additional mines, grenades and
microfusion cells around most of the times as well.

They are very hard to miss as they emit a red glow.

Chapter 1.4: The Intelligence Cases
You need to find of these cases to receive the perk Covert Ops after you finished the DLC.

An useful guide is found here:

Chapter 1.5: Achievements and Perk
There are four achievements and one new perk.

The achievements are automatically unlocked when progressing through the Operation Anchorage story and the perk is unlocked after collecting 10 intelligence cases.

The perk will grant you 3 points to Science, Small Guns and Lockpick.

Chapter 1.6: Trouble Shooting
It is reported enough times that the DLC does not work.
Try the following actions:

- Wait a couple of minutes
- Make sure you have the patch installed

Chapter 1.7: Glitches/ Bugs
Easy Way
After reaching the Army base at the beginning of second section of the operation, it is possible to
get behind the forcefield and walk freely around the open landscape. You are able to walk on almost all ground.

User Info: Auron66

9 years ago#2
It is also possible to complete the second section of the operation without firing your weapon by simply
walking along the pipeline all the way to the Chinese HQ and activating the door from the inside.

Though doing this will bypass the other mission objectives so you will not recieve the "Paving the Way"
achievement, but you will recieve the other three.

Keeping all weapons, armour etc from the Simulation
To set this glitch up, the player needs to talk to Protector McGraw and then to Specialist Olin to
get the Neural Interface Suit. After you equip the suit, do not enter the simulation pod yet.

- Go into the locked room where Gary 23 is and then drag his body back into the pod room. Lift his
body into the pod in a way that his body will be in front of you when you sit down. Make sure that it
is close enough to search him. Once you sit down, it will not say you can search him so you are
going to have to guess (try practicing where there is a chair). Also make sure his body is all the way
in so it does not move when the pod closes.

- Enter the simulation and play through to Paving the Way. From this point on everything in your inventory will
be taken out of the simulation, so remember to get your weapons package and Guass Rifle from the
Quartermaster and to pick up all the ammo found along the way. Continue playing up to Operation: Anchorage

- Play through the quest, disabling the pulse field and make your way to the doors of the Chinese Compound.
At this point make sure you have a save before going in. Once you enter, pick the speech option 'I'm
going to kill you SO MUCH'. Shoot the Shock Sword out of General Jingwei's hand. Pick up the Shock Sword
and then kill him. Make sure you are not in the southern end of the compound because General Chase may
catch you in a speech and send you back to the Outpost without making another save. As soon as you kill
General Jingwei, run North toward the Chinese Soldiers and turn around to find where General Chase is and
then make another save (you can overwrite your last save if you want).

- Now talk to General Chase and he will send you back to the Outpost (remember how you positioned
the Gary 23's body in step 1) During the loading screen start to press A (search button) rapidly. If done
properly, you will be able to search his body (normally happens in the black screen, but not always) and
at this point put all your items on his body. Exit, talk to Protector McGraw, and then search Gary 23's
body to retrieve your weapons from the simulation.

- This part is hard and will take several attempts to achieve it. Try several different methods such
as rapidly pressing A or tapping A at a slower rate (changing the rate at which you press it helps),
using third person, looking down (or down to left or right), or even trying a mixture of them.

- Also Most Weapons & Armor taken from within the Simulation will result in them never losing CND.
The Fat Man, Super Sledge, Chinese Officer Sword lose Condition.

Getting all the weapons you requisition from the Quartermaster
This is simple, all you do is get one of the tapes for a set weapons (ie: Close Combat, Fire Team, etc.)
then get the weapons from the Quartermaster. After you do that, go back to the command tent and get
another tape. Go outside again, drop your guns and talk to the Quartermaster again. He will give you
the new set of weapons that you ask for.

User Info: Auron66

9 years ago#3
A message will then appear saying your other set of weapons
were removed, but they will still be where you dropped them earlier. Keep repeating until you get the
desired packages/weapons. If you use this with the other glitch (keeping the weapons from simulation),
you can make a fast couple of caps once you sell the items or it's just a quick way of building an arsenal
if you are a low level.

Note: Attempting to talk to a stealthed Chinese Stealth Dragoon will cause it to reset your
equipment to what you're supposed to have.

Which weapons can be acquired through the simulation and ammunition trick
It should be noted which weapons can be acquired in the sim. So far I've been able to collect:
- All the quartermaster items, of course
- Flamer
- Fat Man (standard HP)
- Minigun
- (pre-war) Chinese Assault Rifle
- Chinese Officer's Sword (standard HP)
- Shock Sword

The trick for some of them is to Gauss the gun out of someone's hand (to knock them down with minimal damage),
at which point you can pickpocket them, usually. It works on the T-51b's before the pulse field, although it's
sort of buggy. I have not been able to reproduce it inside the Chinese HQ. Any tips would be appreciated, I'd
really like a super-laser-rifle! The T-51b approaching the Chinese HQ after the pulse field is disabled can be
pickpocketed directly, they're the best bet for Fat Mans (?) and Miniguns.

As for armor, the only one I know about is the Grease Monkey outfit, which is pretty much useless and requires
you to sacrifice your armor. Anyone know if you can steal other armor, or do it without wasting armor? Stealth
Suits are nice, although I'd like a not-dirty Chinese Jumpsuit, too.

Infinite Ammunition
Last but not least, you can get infinite ammo by dropping it, using the dispenser, and picking it back up. Then
when you exit the sim, you can sell a ton of it for lotsa money. Or keep it, I guess.

Additional glitches and bugs can be found here:

Chapter 2.0: The Pitt
The Pitt will let you venture into the depths of former Pittsburgh. The place has turned to a place where our own moralities have vanished completely. Step into a new world where only the toughest survive!

Chapter 2.1: General Information
The Pitt, the second piece of DLC was released 24 March 2009.
The Xbox 360 version was re-released the 25th because of a lot of glitches that made the DLC unplayable.
The price is 800 Microsoft points which is roughly 10 dollars

The location will be the Steel Yards in Pittsburgh.

When you start the game you’ll receive a new radio transmission and a new location. Go to that location to find a man called Werhner. From that point everything is easy enough to follow.

Chapter 2.2: Weapons, armour and the rest

Just scroll down for the rest.

Chapter 2.3: The Steel Ingots
There are two guides which I can recommend to you. One is written by Wouldyoukindly:

The other one is written by drakonianwolf54 and is excellent quality as well:

User Info: Auron66

9 years ago#4
Chapter 2.4: The use of the Steel Ingots
When you collect steel ingots you can buy certain stuff, like new weapons. You can exchange these ingots at Everet, a man who can be found in The Pitt.

10 Ingots: Laborer Outfit
20 Ingots: Filtration Helmet
30 Ingots: Steel Knuckles
40 Ingots: Metal Master Armour
50 Ingots: Metal Blaster
60 Ingots: Bombshell Armour
70 Ingots: Leather Rebel
80 Ingots: The Mauler
90 Ingots: Perforator
100 Ingots: Tribal Power Armour

Chapter 2.5: Achievements and perks
- Achievements
Into the Pitt (20)
Enter Downtown

Unsafe Working Conditions (20)
Finish the quest “Unsafe Working Conditions”

Free Labor (40)
Finish the quest “Free Labor”

Mill Worker (20)
Found all 100 Steel Ingots.

- Perks
Auto Expert
Increases damage done with the Auto Axe by 25%.
Unlocked: Collect 10 Steel Ingots

Booster Shot
Increases Radiation Resistance by 10%
Unlocked: Complete Free Labor

Pitt Fighter
Increases Radiation and Damage Resistance by 3%
Unlocked: Complete The Hole battles

Chapter 2.6: Trouble Shooting
Originally many found red triangles around the area’s of The Pitt as they entered. This was because of an error with Microsoft. This has been fixed however.

Chapter 2.7: Glitches/ Bugs
Since The Pitt contains small bugs and glitches I will give a link instead to a list:

Chapter 3.0: Broken Steel
You thought you were done and had completed your mission, you thought you were victorious. Guess again! Not only will Broken Steel change the ending and extend the
game, it will also give you a new adventure!

Chapter 3.1: General Information
Broken Steel, the third piece of DLC released on 5 May 2009.
The price is 800 Microsoft Points which is roughly 10 dollars.

The DLC will contain around 4 to 5 hours, will add several new enemies, perks and other fancy stuff and a total of 8 flashing quests which will surely keep you occupied!

You can continue after the ending and you can continue from whatever point you left. So even if your last save was in the Rotunda itself you can still continue as long as you have the patch

Chapter 3.2: Weapons, Armour and the rest
You can find all the information here:

Chapter 3.3: New (Side) Quests
Three new Main Story quests called: Death From Above, Shock Value and Who Dares Wins.
Three new Side Quests which will revolve around Aqua Pura.
Three unmarked quests involving Opti… Liberty Prime and Super Mutants.

User Info: Auron66

9 years ago#5
Chapter 3.4: Achievements and Perks
- Six new Achievements
- Death From Above - 30 points (Complete this mission)
- Shock Value - 30 points (Complete this mission)
- Who Dares Wins - 30 points (Complete this mission)
- Devil - 20 points (Reach Level 30 with (Very) Evil karma)
- True Mortal - 20 points (Reach level 30 with Neutral karma)
- Messiah - 20 points (Reach level 30 with (Very) Good karma)

- New Perk
- Quantum Chemist (Level 22)
- Ten Nuka-Cola's turn into 1 Quantum
- Deep Sleep (Level 22)
- All beds provide Well Rested benefit
- Puppies! (Level 22)
- Dead dog gets replaced by puppies
- Devil's Highway (Level 24)
- Karma instantly Very Evil
- Karmic Rebalance (Level 24)
- Karma instantly Neutral
- Escalator to Heaven (Level 24)
- Karma instantly Very Good
- No More Weaknesses
- All SPECIAL under 5 become 5
- Nerves of Steel (Level 26)
- AP regenerates faster
- Warmonger (Level 26)
- Able to build custom weapons without schematics
- Rad Tolerance (Level 26)
- No effects from Minor Rad Poisoning
- Rad Absorption (Level 28)
- Radiation Level slowly decreases over time
- Party Boy/ Party Girl (Level 28)
- No more suffering under addiction withdrawals
- Almost Perfect (Level 30)
- Instantly raises all SPECIAL to 9 (10 stays 10)
- Nuclear Anomaly (Level 30)
- When you are about to die you explode taking enemies and friends with

Chapter 3.5: Trouble Shooting
Can’t finish the Purifier
This is because you don’t have the latest patch causing either a loop in Sarah Lyons’ dialogue if you let *spoiler* live or it will constantly tell you to clear out the area even though the area is secure already.

At first there were problems appearing with the achievements as they wouldn’t display/ unlock/ whatever. These problems have been fixed however.

IF these problems do persevere you may need to recover your Gamertag

It could happen that after you finish the last chapter the 2 weeks message never appears and that your Settings menu and download area become “stick” and glitchy. It is advised to delete the DLC and download it again.

Chapter 3.6: Glitches/ Bugs

I do advise you to check this out as some of the bugs tend to be game breaking. You might get stuck on several of these bugs and thus forced to reset. Please read this and try to avoid anything that might cause these glitches.

Chapter 4.0: Point Lookout
“Gonna make you squeal like a piggy!” a horrible shaped man yells as he’s chasing a young
woman, eager to rip her skin off. Welcome to Point Lookout, a place where insanity controls
and dominates the swamps. Don’t feed the tribals!

Chapter 4.1: General Information
Point Lookout takes place in a map that is roughly 1/5 of the original Wasteland map. A new
point appears on the map, near Arlington Library, on the river and the boat there will take you
to this new land of mysteries.

The DLC, highly anticipated, was released June 23, 2009. Due to a problem however at
Gamestop, some gamers where able to acquire the DLC ahead of the others, but the code
used was blocked later and opened again when the DLC was officially released.

It adds another 100 points to the game and several new weapons, armour, items and enemies.

User Info: Auron66

9 years ago#6
Chapter 4.2: Weapons, armour and the rest
Armour and clothing


Other items

Chapter 4.3: New Side Quests
There are six side-quests added:
A Spoonful of Whiskey
Starts at Marguerite’s Shack

An Antique Land
Starts at the USS Ozymandias

Plik’s Safari
Starts at Coastal Grotto

The Dark Heart of Blackhall
Starts at Blackhall Manor

The Velvet Curtain
Starts at Homestead Motel (Can also be started at the Detention Camp)

Chapter 4.4: Achievements and Perks
- Four new Achievements
- The Local Flavour - 20 points (Complete this mission)
- Walking With Spirits - 20 points (Complete this mission)
- A Meeting of the Minds - 20 points (Complete this mission)
- Bog Walker – 40 points (Discover all 30 locations in Point Lookout)

- New Perk
- Ghoul Ecology (Read Plik’s Journal in Coastal Grotto)
- +5 Damage to Ghouls
- Punga Power! (Finish quest Walking With Spirits)
- Boosts radiation recovery from eating Punga Fruit
- Superior Defender (Finish quest The Local Flavour)
- +5 Damage and +10 Armour when standing still

Chapter 4.5: Trouble Shooting
Can’t download
This seems to have no real solution to it. The positive thing is that once you buy the DLC you can keep trying to download it, free since you bought it already.

Location on compass disappears
Save and reload, it worked for me.

Weapons freezes in the air
Save and reload, it worked for me.

Chapter 4.6: Glitches/ Bugs
The Double Barred Shotgun Issue
If you try to shoot in V.A.T.S. with a double barred shotgun with only one bullet you’ll get stuck in V.A.T.S. Make sure to have at least two bullets.

Dunwich Problem?
During the quest Black Heart of Blackhall when you head towards Dunwich building you’ll see the marker point towards Springvale. This should be ignored as the markers tend to “think” you are still in Point Lookout.

Most other bugs involve freezing. Reloading an earlier point will help this, obviously after you restarted the game.

Chapter 4.7: Exploits/ Good Glitches
It looks like the perk Ghoul Ecology causes all weapons to upgrade in strength. If your weapons are suddenly a lot stronger it is most likely because of the perk. Rejoice.

Chapter 5.0: Mother Ship Zeta
And they have come, they came and found you, on the toilet. They grabbed you, your pants barely surrounding your waist. They came, the aliens came and they are pissed! One of their scouts crashed and they want answers.

Chapter 5.1: General Information
Released the 3th of August, Mothership Zeta was a subject of a lot of controversy. It takes place entirely on the mothership
where you, a samurai, a cowboy, a medician from the resource war, a Wastelander and a child are trying to escape the horrible
place. It adds 100 Gamerscore Points and it costs 800 Microsoft Points and new armour, weapons etc.

User Info: kikarseLOL

9 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Auron66

9 years ago#8
After you complete Mothership Zeta you can return to the ship, but almost all areas are locked off. This means you have only
one chance to collect the Alien Captive Recordings, the unique weapons and other items you desire to acquire! DON'T FORGET

Chapter 5.2: Weapons, armour and the rest

Chapter 5.3: Restoring your health
Aside from using stimpacks and/ or food you can also use the Healing Archways to restore yourself. In their original
form they will not cure you completely, but they'll last a while. You can modify them to restore you fully, but they
will burn out faster. Choose wisely.

Chapter 5.4: The Alien Captive Recordings
You can find every location here

Chapter 5.5: Achievements and Perks
Not of This World (20G) - Complete mission
Among the Stars (20G - Complete mission
This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough (40G) - Complete mission
Alien Archivist (20G) - Collect all Alien Captive Recordings

Chapter 5.6: Trouble Shooting
- After obtaining the Samurai's Sword from the Garbage Disposal area, teleporters may lock. If you exit the game and reload a previous save, it can be fixed.

Chapter 5.7: Glitches/ Bugs

You can find all the other glitches and bugs here.

Chapter 6.0: Fallout New Vegas

Chapter 7.0: Credits
Operation Anchorage
- Fallout Wikia ( for excellent information and dedication to help everyone who needs it.
- Credits to Nathan32244 for reminding me about the Perk
- Credits to the Fallout 3 Wikia for having a good supply of spoiler free information
- Credits to FarirKalb for mentioning the ammunition glitch.
- for releasing all the locations of the steel ingots.
- SushiSquid for notifying me about some errors and the effects of the Man Opener.
- N1ghtrogue for correcting me on the release date and informing about the rewards for finding the ingots.
- Mustachedmystic for notifying me about the Gamma Shield Armour errors.
- drakonianwolf54 for an excellent Steel Ingot guide.
- Gamefaqs for allowing me to make things like this
- Olympus for, being, well, Olympus (?)

Credits to BritishLobster, Renegade, daftalive08, SpazH3d, kobra6187, Tobias_Is_Queen,
AshtheKing, Thatdudeboosh for supporting this.

- TravisCombs for reminding me about errors I forgot to fix in The Second Edition.

Some of my own notes
Well, you guys, we had a blast, didn't we? I created a sticky for each DLC and hopefully it helped a lot of
people. This will however be my last sticky for the Fallout 3 board and I don't know if I keep coming back
to the board either. In any case, enjoy the game (and the DLC) and use this sticky to your heart's content.

Cheerios everyone! One hell of a ride!

Feel free to post now

User Info: kikarseLOL

9 years ago#9
I had to run from a yao-guai with a double barrel shotgun with 1 bullet. You don't get stuck in it well you do for only a couple of seconds 30 at most. I think you think it lasts forever.

User Info: Hellsing179

9 years ago#10
Nice guide. I always love your stuff lol. Although for the captive recordings i recommend this guide over the wiki >_> It tells you which ones you get in the correct order. Its not 1-2-3-4-5 like the wiki.
Nobody should have this many zippers. I dont care what fantasy it is.
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