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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#1
Fallout 3 FAQ - By Renegade109 & Darkfire9430


Section I: S.P.E.C.I.A.L Guide
Section II: Skills Guide
Section III: darkfire9430’s Guide To Selecting Perks
Section IV: Bobbleheads Guide
Section V: Frequently Asked (And rather annoying) Questions

Section I - S.P.E.C.I.A.L

S.P.E.C.I.A.L refers to your character's 7 Main attributes, Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and finally Luck, all of which (Luck excluded) come to govern a variety of skills depending on said attribute.

SPECIAL Overview:


Governs the Melee weapons skill providing additional skill points and provides a damage bonus with Melee weapons ranging from 0.5 at 1 Strength, to 6 additional damage at 10 Strength.

It also increases the Maximum weight your character can lug around prior to being encumbered.

1 Strength: 160 lbs, 0.5 Damage Bonus, Melee Weapons Skill + 2
5 Strength: 200 lbs, 2.5 Damage Bonus, Melee Weapons Skill + 10
10 Strength: 250 lbs, 6 Damage Bonus, Melee Weapons Skill + 20

Note: Strength has no direct effect (Zero, Zilch, Nothing) in relation to damage done via the Unarmed Skill, contrary to conventional belief, anyone who says otherwise is either trolling, misinformed or under the age of 12.

Strength Related Perks:

Little Leaguer: Requires 4 Strength
Iron Fist: Requires 4 Strength
Strong Back: Requires 5 Strength



Governs the Explosives, Lockpick and Energy Weapons Skills and determines how early the radar will detect potential threats (Via Red compass Markings).

Following extract taken from Fallout Wiki:

There are a few places in Fallout 3 where having a higher Perception will trigger the ability to notice certain things upon entering a room or building. Occasionally this can lead to useful discoveries.

1 Perception: Explosives, Lockpick, Energy Weapons + 2
5 Perception: Explosives, Lockpick, Energy Weapons + 10
10 Perception: Explosives, Lockpick, Energy Weapons + 20

Perception Related Perks:

Thief: Requires 4 Perception
Sniper: Requires 6 Perception
Light Step: Requires 6 Perception
Better Criticals: Requires 6 Perception
Infiltrator: Requires 7 Perception



Governs the Big Guns and Unarmed Skills, also modifies Health Points, Poison Resistance and Radiation Resistance.

1 Endurance: 0% Resistance, 120 Starting Health, Big Guns and Unarmed + 2
5 Endurance: 8% Resistance, 200 Starting Health, Big Guns and Unarmed + 10
10 Endurance: 18% Resistance, 300 Starting Health, Big Guns and Unarmed + 20

Endurance Related Perks:

Lead Belly: Requires 5 Endurance
Toughness: Requires 5 Endurance
Rad Resistance: Requires 5 Endurance
Size Matters: Requires 5 Endurance
Strong Back: Requires 5 Endurance
Life Giver: Requires 6 Endurance
Solar Powered: Requires 7 Endurance
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#2

Governs the Barter and Speech Skills, also modifies the disposition of NPC’s towards the Player’s Character, for example: Having a higher Charisma will reduce the prices of items sold by Merchants and affects the chance of Success whilst utilizing Speech Checks during conversations.

1 Charisma: Barter and Speech + 2
5 Charisma: Barter and Speech + 10
10 Charisma: Barter and Speech + 20

Charisma Related Perks:

Child At Heart: Requires 4 Charisma
Scoundrel: Requires 4 Charisma
Impartial Mediation: Requires 5 Charisma
Animal Friend: Requires 6 Charisma
Master Trader: Requires 6 Charisma



Governs the Medicine, Repair and Science Skills and determines the amount of Skill points one will be able to distribute upon achieving a Level-Up.

Note: It is because of this SPECIAL’S relation to Skill point distribution that arguably makes it the most important attribute to raise, I (and several others on the board I’m sure) would strongly recommend that in order to Maximize your character’s potential that you start with a base Intelligence of 8 or 9 minimum.

1 Intelligence: 11 Skill Points per Level / Medicine, Repair, Science + 2
5 Intelligence: 15 Skill Points per Level / Medicine, Repair, Science + 10
10 Intelligence: 20 Skill Points per Level / Medicine, Repair, Science +10

Intelligence Related Perks:

Daddy’s Boy / Daddy’s Girl: Requires 4 Intelligence
Gun Nut: Requires 4 Intelligence
Swift Learner: Requires 4 Intelligence
Comprehension: Requires 4 Intelligence
Educated: Requires 4 Intelligence
Entomologist: Requires 4 Intelligence
Nerd Rage: Requires 5 Intelligence
Computer Whiz: Requires 7 Intelligence



Governs the Small Guns and Sneak Skills and Modifies your total Action Points available to use whilst in V.A.T.S, Total action points are equivalent to 65 in addition to 2x your Agility attribute.

1 Agility: 67 AP, Small Guns and Sneak + 2
5 Agility: 75 AP, Small Guns and Sneak + 10
10 Agility: 85 AP, Small Guns and Sneak + 20

Agility Related Perks:

Gun Nut: Requires 4 Agility
Thief: Requires 4 Agility
Silent Running: Requires 6 Agility
Sniper: Requires 6 Agility
Light Step: Requires 6 Agility
Action Boy: Requires 6 Agility



Luck is unique in the way that it governs no particular Skills, however every point adds 0.5 (Rounded Up however) to all Skills and increase the likelihood of a Critical Hit being scored on an Opponent.

1 Luck: 1% Critical Chance, All Skills + 1
5 Luck: 5% Critical Chance, All Skills + 3
10 Luck: 10% Critical Chance, All Skills + 5

Luck Related Perks:

Fortune Finder: Requires 5 Luck
Scounger: Requires 5 Luck
Mysterious Stranger: Requires 6 Luck
Better Criticals: Requires 6 Luck
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#3
Section II – Skills


Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Charisma

Directly affects Prices you receive in relation to buying and selling items to vendors, self explanatory that the higher your Bartering Skill, the lower prices will be upon making the choice to purchase items.

Big Guns

Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Endurance

Determines how effective your character is with the following Weapons:

Eugene (Unique)
Gatling Laser
Missile Launcher
Vengeance (Unique)
Miss Launcher (Unique)
Fat Man

Strongest (But hardly the most practical...) Weapon in Category: Big Guns

Experimental MIRV (Unique)

For additional information regarding the location and statistics of these weapons, visit the following URL

Energy Weapons

Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Perception

Determines how effective your character is with the following Weapons:

Laser Pistol
Smuggler’s End
Protectron’s Gaze (Unique)
Plasma Pistol
Colonel Autumn’s Laser Pistol (Unique)
Laser Rifle
Wazer Wifle (Unique)
Mesmetron (Special)
Plasma Rifle
A3-21’s Plasma Rifle

Strongest Weapons in Category: Energy Weapons

Alien Blaster
Firelance (Assuming Pyromaniac Perk is used)

For additional information regarding the location and statistics of these weapons, visit the following URL


Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Perception

The Explosives Skill determines the degree of success the Player has in the setting and disarming of mines, for example, a higher Explosives Skill will give the Player Character a larger window of time to disarm a mine in close proximity before it explodes.

The Explosives Skill also determines how effective your character is with the following Weapons:

Pulse Grenade
Pulse Mine
Frag Grenade
Frag Mine
Plasma Grenade
Plasma Mine

Strongest Weapons in Category: Explosives

Nuka Grenade (Unique / Schematics Weapon)
Bottlecap Mine (Unique / Schematics Weapon)

For additional information regarding the location and statistics of these weapons, visit the following URL


Used to open Locked Doors and Containers, also governs which level Locks the player has access to via the Lockpicking Mini-game.

0 - 24 Lockpick Skill: Able to attempt Very Easy difficulty Locks
25 - 49 Lockpick Skill: Able to attempt Easy difficulty Locks
50 - 74 Lockpick Skill: Able to attempt Average difficulty Locks
75 - 99 Lockpick Skill: Able to attempt Hard difficulty Locks
100 Lockpick Skill: Able to attempt Very Hard difficulty Locks
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#4

Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Intelligence

Determines the effectiveness of Medicinal items such as the % of Health Recovered through Stimpak use, or the amount of Radiation removed via use of Radaway.
Also determines durational longevity of Chem usage.

Melee Weapons

Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Strength

Determines how effective your character is with the following Weapons:

Repellant Stick (Unique)
Rolling Pin
Rolling Pin (Tranquility Lane)
Pool Cue
Ant’s Sting (Unique)
Police Baton
The Break (Unique)
Tire Iron
Combat Knife
Nail Board
Baseball Bat
Lead Pipe
Butch’s Toothpick (Unique)
Chinese Officer’s Sword
Highwayman’s Friend (Unique)
Occam’s Razor (Unique)
Stabhappy (Unique)
Board Of Education (Unique)
Vampire’s Edge (Unique)
Super Sledgehammer
The Tenderizer (Unique)
Jack (Unique)
Fawke’s Super Sledge (Unique)

Strongest Weapon In Category: Melee

Shishkebab (Unique / Schematic Weapon)

For Additional information regarding the location and statistics of these weapons, visit the following URL


The Repair Skill, as its name implies, determines the effectiveness of the player’s ability to repair damaged equipment, it also determines the starting condition of Schematic-related Weapons.

In order to repair an item, you must possess an identical item or one that is similar, eg, Two Hunting Rifles (Identical), or a Hunting Rifle and the unique Rifle – Lincoln’s Repeater (Similar). In which case the item used to repair your chosen piece of equipment is destroyed.

The Process itself: You press (Y) on the Item that you wish to have repaired and then (A) to complete the process.

Important Note: Be careful when repairing equipment, there’s nothing like yelling profanities at 2am in the morning because you accidentally sacrificed your favorite weapon to repair the other crap in your inventory and not vice-versa.


Used to Hack restricted Terminals, also governs which level restricted Terminals the player has access to via the Hacking Mini-game.

0 - 24 Science Skill: Able to attempt Very Easy difficulty Terminals
25 - 49 Science Skill: Able to attempt Easy difficulty Terminals
50 - 74 Science Skill: Able to attempt Average difficulty Terminals
75 - 99 Science Skill: Able to attempt Hard difficulty Terminals
100 Science Skill: Able to attempt Very Hard difficulty Terminals

For additional Information regarding Hacking, refer to the other Sticky Topic.
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#5
Small Guns

Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Agility

Determines how effective your character is with the following Weapons:

Chinese Pistol
.32 Pistol
Silenced 10mm Pistol
10mm Pistol
Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol (Unique)
Colonel Autumn’s 10mm Pistol (Unique)
Scoped .44 Magnum
Blackhawk (Unique)
10mm Sub-Machine Gun
Sydney’s 10mm “Ultra” SMG (Unique)
Assault Rifle
Chinese Assault Rifle
Xuanlong Assault Rifle (Unique)
B.B. Gun
Hunting Rifle
Ol’ Painless (Unique)
Railway Rifle (Unique / Schematic Weapon)
Sniper Rifle
Reservist’s Rifle (Unique)
Victory Rifle (Unique)
Lincoln’s Repeater (Unique)
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Combat Shotgun
The Kneecapper
The Terrible Shotgun

The diverse nature of the Weapons within the Small Guns Category leaves it without a decisive “Best”, the Terrible Shotgun possesses the highest base damage however.

For additional information regarding the location and statistics of these weapons, visit the following URL


Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Agility

Sneak determines your ability to remain hidden whilst using Stealth mode, essentially it’s very simple to understand, the higher your Sneak skill, the less likely your enemies will be able to detect you. Sneak can be used to Pickpocket or Steal and used offensively in the form of Sneak Attacks, such attacks can give you a very swift advantage in combat over your adversaries.

There are a number of factors involved in the success of Sneaking, primarily Environment, Sound and Visibility.

Environment: It goes without saying that Sneaking in broad daylight isn’t the smartest choice, use the environment to your advantage, using objects to obscure an enemies’ view, or using height and line of sight to gain the upper-hand.

Sound: First of all, going around guns-blazing in a trigger-happy frenzy isn’t going to get you very far, the weight of your apparel (Armor, Weapons, Misc Items etc…) Factors in also, make sure to take the Silent Running Perk, as it would almost be essential to creating a Stealth-oriented Character.

Visibility: Stick to the Shadows, and if roaming around the Capital Wasteland, try and maintain Sneaking at Night in order to Maximize its effectiveness, it should be a given that if you make it difficult for your opponents to perceive where you are, you’ll be in an advantageous position.

The opponent’s Perception also factors into being detected, for example a Yao Guai appears to have excellent Perceptive qualities, as opposed to a weary travelling Wasteland Merchant, pick your targets carefully and be aware of what your opponent is capable of before engaging, Sneak attacking a Deathclaw with a Hunting Rifle is only going to cure your head from your body.

There are 4 phases in which your character may undergo whilst Sneaking:

[HIDDEN] – Means you are currently undetected.
[DETECTED] – Means you have allies who are currently aware of your position.
[CAUTION] – Means you are hidden for the moment, but have aroused suspicion, enemies are currently searching for your position.
[DANGER] – Indicates that you have been detected by a hostile.

The use of a Stealth Boy, which provides 100+ Sneak and a 75+ Stealth field for a temporary period can aid in your Sneaking habits.


Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Charisma

Speech determines how effective your character will engage in Speech Checks, essentially they are options which may appear during the course of conversation with an NPC, if you are successful in a Speech Check, it may lead to additional Quest Rewards, Experience gain, Caps, Ammunition, Bypassing Quests, etc…
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#6

Governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L - Endurance

Unarmed determines your character’s effectiveness with the following Weapons:

Bare Hand (No Weapon)
Brass Knuckles
Spiked Knuckles
Plunkett’s Valid Points
Power Fist
Fisto! (Unique)
The Shocker (Unique)

Strongest Weapon in Category: Unarmed

Deathclaw Gauntlet (Unique / Schematic Weapon)

For additional information regarding the location and statistics of these weapons, visit the following URL

Note: The following section is the sole work of darkfire9430.

Section III – darkfire9430’s Guide To Selecting Perks

This is a list of useful and useless perks from a game mechanics perspective only. This means that I'm only looking at strategies and numbers for building a strong character. I'm not examining whether a perk makes the game more fun, whether it makes for better roleplaying, or anything of that nature. That said, those goals are not incompatible with the perks I've chosen.

Perks everyone should get

1. Better Criticals (Requires 6 Perception, 6 Luck): Critical hits are extremely useful in the Fallout universe, and doing extra damage is often the difference between a one-shot Sneak Attack (which doesn't aggro everyone else) and a wounded but living target (which aggros all his friends).

2. Comprehension (Requires 4 Intelligence). Skill books give 2 points instead of 1. Since there are over 300 skill books in the game, this Perk is worth over 300 skill points (even a casual play through should net around 60 books). The reason that all the other skill perks are not worth it is because this skill perk is so overwhelmingly dominating.

3. Cyborg (Requires 60 Science, 60 Medicine): The main benefit of this perk is the +10 damage resistance, which stacks with everything else (armor, Toughness, Barkskin, etc.). The bonuses to Poison Resistance, Rad Resistance, and Energy Weapons are nice extras, though. Note that there are some relatively steep skill requirements to get it; fortunately, you have until Level 14 to reach them.

4. Finesse: More criticals are always welcome. Despite the confusing skill description, this skill is not redundant if your Luck is over 5. I suppose you can skip this if you're committed to all Sneak Attacks all the time, but in practice you'll be forced to fight some aware enemies now and then.

5. Intense Training. This is more of a fallback perk: if you don't see any better options, you'll never go wrong with IT. Since you will often not see any better options (see below), you'll pick IT a few times.

6. Toughness (Requires 5 Endurance). Damage Resistance is awesome for all characters, and +10 DR is great. Don't worry about the DR maximum; in practice, the only way you reach it is with pristine equipment (which gets degraded in combat) and/or drugs (which carry a risk of addiction).
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#7
Situational Perks

This is a list of fairly strong perks, depending on how you play the game. I'll list the conditions in the description.

1. Action Boy (Requires 6 Agility). +25 AP is pretty damn useful; however, a melee character doesn't use VATS (much) and thus doesn't need this. Also, Ledoux's Hockey Mask and/or Grim Reaper's Sprint may leave a ranged character with more AP than he or she really needs.

2. Demolition Expert (Requires 50 Explosives). Obviously useful for any character using explosives, and missible for everyone else.

3. Educated (Requires 4 Intelligence). Technically, this is a skill perk; however, it's a skill perk that effectively gives you an additional 48 skill points. Players devoted to finding all skill books will find this perk redundant; everyone else should take it.

4. Grim Reaper's Sprint. THE perk for a ranged character. You'll be in VATS mode constantly, since several headshots at level 20 kill just about anything. Melee and Unarmed characters would obviously skip, as would any player who prefers to rely on their own aim rather than VATS.

5. Gunslinger / Commando. +25% to VATS with guns is pretty good... assuming you use guns, and assuming you use VATS.

6. Iron Fist (Requires 3 Strength). A must for an Unarmed character, and a waste of time for everyone else.

7. Ninja (Requires 80 Melee Weapons, 80 Sneak). A must for Melee and Unarmed characters. I believe the +25% sneak critical damage also applies to ranged weapons; however, those characters are better off taking Grim Reaper's Sprint. Note that Unarmed characters are kinda screwed here, since they need to get Melee Weapons up to 80 to qualify. Oh well.

8. Paralyzing Palm (Requires 70 Unarmed). Obviously a must for Unarmed characters. Actually pretty useful for everyone else as well, since the Palm can take down Deathclaws and Super Behemoths. The skill requirements are pretty high if you aren't Unarmed, though, and ranged characters would probably prefer to Dart those enemies and kill at range. Still, not a bad perk, especially considering the dearth of other options at level 18.

9. Pyromaniac (Requires 60 Explosives). A must for melee characters, since it boosts the damage of the best melee weapon in the game (the Shishkebab). Missable for everyone else.

10. Silent Running (Requires 6 Agility, 50 Sneak). Great for any sneaky character; you'll be able to Sneak Attack your way through entire buildings with this perk. Technically it's a convenience Perk for ranged characters, since you can get the same effects by moving very slowly. More essential for Melee and Unarmed characters, since you'll need to rush the enemies before they turn around.

11. Sniper (Requires 6 Perception, 6 Agility). Much like Gunslinger / Commando, +25% to VATS is pretty good... assuming you use VATS. In practice, most of your VATS shots will be headshots.

12. Strong Back (Requires 5 Strength, 5 Endurance). Another convenience perk, but a fairly useful one. Lets you carry more gear, whether for salvage purposes or for self-defense. Power Armor and Big Gun Weapons can really add up.
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#8
Perks no one should get

1. Skill Perks (Daddy's Boy/Girl, Gun Nut, Impartial Mediation, Little Leaguer, Scoundrel, Size Matters, Tag, Thief). Between the Bobbleheads and the sheer number of skill books in the game (with Comprehension), you can easily get all of your skills to 100 without Perks. So why waste a perk like this?

2. Experience Perks (Here and Now, Swift Learner). There is currently a level 20 cap on all advancement, so eventually everyone is at the same level. Those who don't pick the above perks have extra perk slots, though.

3. Resource Perks (Contract Killer, Fast Metabolism, Fortune Finder, Lawbringer, Master Trader). These will be slightly more controversial than the ones above, but money is simply not a problem once you get past your low levels, assuming you know good scavenging techniques (e.g., take anything weightless, take things with high cost-to-weight ratio, repair weapons together, etc.). So anything that effectively increases your money is not worth a perk. Note that I've removed Scrounger from the list by popular demand.

4. Radiation Perks (Lead Belly, Rad Resistance). Once you get your home, the first item you should buy is the Infirmary, which allows you to instantly heal all radiation. Between that and the sheer amount of Rad-Away in the game, any perk that merely lowers the radiation you take is not worthwhile

5. Adamantium Skeleton. There's actually a build that makes use of this perk. But if you're looking to this posting for help on your perks, then you shouldn't be using that build. Avoid.

6. Cannibal. This is a nice role-play perk, but there are lots of other ways to regain your HP that don't require perks: sleep in a bed, Stimpak, eat something, drink water, etc. The negative effects of the latter two are canceled by the Infirmary.

7. Child At Heart. Does not lead to any result that cannot be reached via caps or a speech check.

8. Computer Whiz. Who actually gets locked out of computers? Just cancel when you're on your last guess, then try again. Pointless.

9. Entomologist. Insects are pretty easy to kill anyway. Scorpions (which are not actually insects, but are treated as such by Fallout) are slow melee enemies that can fall to run-and-gun or circle-strafe strategies.

10. Explorer. I would probably pull this off the list once the level cap goes up, as it's a decent convenience perk. But Grim Reaper's Sprint and Ninja are so much better for your sole level 20 perk.

11. Infiltrator. You shouldn't be forcing locks when there's a chance you'll fail.

12. Mister Sandman. Another nice role-play perk, but useless from a game mechanic standpoint. If you come across a sleeping target, you can just shoot them in the head or put a grenade in their pockets.

13. Nerd Rage. The bonuses are nice, except they require you to be at 20% max HP. At that point, you should be healing yourself... which eliminates the bonuses.

Other Perks

The perks that aren't on any list are "flavor" perks: they aren't useless, but are also not as useful as the ones I listed here. Note that unless you're trying to make a character that's good at everything, there will be enough available Perk slots to take Black Widow, Concentrated Fire, Night Person, etc. Even for power gamers, Fallout 3 allows some flexibility in your selections. Unless, of course, you're trying to be a master of every play style on the same character. :)
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#9
Section IV – Bobblehead Guide

Bobbleheads are Misc. Items that appear in the form of a Vault-Boy action figurine, upon picking up a particular Bobblehead, your character will receive a Single-point bonus to the corresponding S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute or a 10 Point Skill bonus depending on which Bobblehead is obtained.

The locations for each Bobblehead are as follows:

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Bobbleheads

Strength – Megaton, Lucas Simms House, in the room opposite the stairs on the second Floor of the house, the Bobblehead is sitting directly in front of you on the desk top.

Perception - Republic Of Dave – On the shelves within the Museum Of Dave. The Republic itself is located on the North-Eastern borders of the Map, East of Old Olney.

Endurance - Deathclaw Sanctuary, relatively close to the entrance under a platform and a rotting Brahmin Carcass. The Sanctuary is located South of Fort Constantine, which can be found by Heading North, North-West from the center of the Map, it’s about two to three squares from the edge.

Charisma - Vault 108 – Cloning Lab.
Look for a room with multiple beds, the Bobblehead is sitting above a table in plain sight. Vault 108 is located due South of Canterbury Commons, you can obtain the location of Canterbury Commons by questioning any of the traveling Caravan Merchants.

Intelligence – Rivet City Science Labs, found sitting on a table next to a set of lockers. Rivet City can be found at the South-Eastern corner of the Map, should you choose the complete the Main Quest in proper fashion, the city can’t be missed.

Agility – Greener Pastures Disposal Site – Office
You’ll encounter a small structure with the Bobblehead inside, sitting directly in front of you on a table, you’ll know you’re getting close when the Radiation kicks in.
The Site itself is located North-West of Minefield and South, South-East of Old Olney.

Luck – Arlington Cemetery, the Bobblehead is in the basement of Arlington House, sitting directly in front of you on a shelf after going down the stairs.
Arlington Cemetery can be found by heading a short way South past Whilhelm’s Warf, if you take a right you should encounter a stairway which leads to a Metro Tunnel, this Tunnel will take you to the Cemetery area where the house is in plain Sight on a Hill.
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User Info: Renegade

9 years ago#10
Skill Bobbleheads

Barter - Evergreen Mills – The Bazzar, in a room to the right of the Raider Merchant Smiling Jack, if you jump over the bench you’ll find the Bobblehead on the right-most shelves. Evergreen Mills is located due East of Smith Casey’s Garage, you’ll visit this location as part of the Main Quest.

Big Guns - Fort Constantine - CO Quarters in the Basement, proceed down the stairs and look to your left, you’ll find an open Safe with the Bobblehead inside.
Fort Constantine is located East of Raven Rock, on the Northern borders of the Map.
Raven Rock is visited during the Main Quest.

Energy Weapons - Raven Rock, in Colonel Autumn’s Quarters, once you pass into section 2C take the door leading to your left.
Note: If you escape from Raven Rock without obtaining the Bobblehead, you will not be able to come back for it.

Explosives - WKML Broadcast Station – Look for a manhole cover behind the station the Bobblehead is located within the Sewers. The Station itself is located South of Fort Constantine.

Lockpick - Bethesda Ruins – East Offices, look for a set of desks with an active light opposite them. The Ruins are located North-East of Vault 101.

Medicine - On your Dad’s desk in Vault 101, easiest to obtain as soon as your character turns 16 years old (after the Medical checkup prior to the G.O.A.T exam), the Bobblehead is directly in front of you on the desk. Should you miss this the first time around, a second opportunity to enter the vault during the Quest Trouble On The Homefront will allow you another chance to obtain it.

Melee Weapons - Virulent Chamber within the Dunwich Building, the building itself is located on the South-Western edges of the Map, a moderate distance West of Tenpenny Tower.

Repair - Arefu – Evan King’s House (Average Lock) on the table to the left after breaking and entering, loss of Karma here is unavoidable unfortunately, although it is minor. Arefu’s location can be obtained by agreeing to Lucy West’s side-quest starting in Megaton.

Small Guns - National Guard Depot – Armory, you’ll have to traverse through several sections of the structure until you reach a room with a broken Nuka-Cola vending Machine, a switch directly left of the Machine will open the door to the Armory on the bottom floor, proceed through the Armory to obtain the Bobblehead, which is lying in plain sight. The Depot itself is located due South of Vault 108.

Sneak - Yao Guai Tunnels – Den – On top of a Metal Box found a short distance from a shallow pool of water. The Tunnels are located due west of Charnel House, and northwest of Smith Casey's Garage.
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