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  3. What are the advantages/dis-advantages of good/bad karma?

User Info: masamako

11 years ago#1

User Info: jatkins1177

11 years ago#2

I have had very good karma for the entire game, and after I became a citizen of Megaton, one of the settlers started approaching me every day or two to give me something as thanks for all I've done. Sometimes it's just Cram or Squirrel Bits, but sometimes it's a Stimpack or some ammo.

Also, your karma will determine which followers will join with you. You have to have good karma to join up with Super Mutant Fawkes, and you have to have bad karma to team up with Megaton resident Jericho. If you want to revive the Tunnel Snakes with Butch, make sure your karma is neutral. However two followers (Charon and Dogmeat) don't care how good or bad you are.

I'm sure there are other things that are affected by your karma level, but I've only ever played with my very good character so I don't have an evil character to compare with.

User Info: KAB364

11 years ago#3
With very bad you also have people in Paradise Falls give you items much the same as in Megaton. And whether you're good or evil, you'll have either the Regulators or Talon Company, neutral don;t have either, but they don;t get the items.

Though if you're bad and you save Megaton, you'll have talon Company come after you anyway I think
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User Info: GenocideHeart

11 years ago#4
If you are evil and save Megaton, BOTH Regulators and Talon hitmen will harass you, since Mr. Burke will put a price on your head - even if you kill him, hahaha.

That said:


Star Paladin Cross


Butch DeLoria
Sergeant RL-3





Note that Star Paladin Cross will dump you if your Karma falls too much for her tastes. Also, once you fire Clover she won't care if your karma isn't bad when you re-hire her.

There are also some temporary followers, but the only ones worth a damn are Sentinel Sarah Lyons, Paladin Hoss and Sydney, and Hoss is bugged to hell and back (he'll sometimes break in your house and steal your stuff), so I recommend killing him once you clear his unmarked quest.
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User Info: masamako

11 years ago#5
If you have really bad karma, do the raiders still attack you?

User Info: Birdie94

11 years ago#6
Yeah, they always attack.
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User Info: squiggy9996999

11 years ago#7
it just creates variety of missions. being a slaver is quite fun. it's a fun progression as you go from feeling a little bad to laughing at their stupidity. I'm ready to graduate to real life evil now. ;)

but the main differences are where you live, what vendors you have. If you're evil you will live in tenpenny, if you're good you'll live in megaton. the main advantage of being good is that you can get your house in 10 minutes once you leave the vault, and now you can store extra gear or armor and have a place to sleep.

if you're evil you want to take your time and get everything you can from the megaton houses and people before moving on to tenpenny (stealing is much easier than murder, but megaton is only tough to take out if you are under level 5).

aside form a few quests, the difference is mostly flavor. i played neutral first playthrough (basically do what you want, steal everything and don't murder more than one or two people) and this was more fun than good (imo). it made me look at choices and say "wow, that will be fun when i play evil". it's like i was scouting ahead. somehow it made my evil playthrough more fun. of all three, being pure good is the least interesting. there aren't really any unique experinces to good compared to neutral. it's more fun to be mad max than a saint, while the game experience for those two is almost identical.

User Info: Gamin_Guru

11 years ago#8
karma is one reason to play the game multiple times

1. my first playthrough I was good until I blew up Megaton and now I'm the most evil, wretched person in the wasteland. If you even look at me funny, I'll blast off your skull with my A3-21 or Lincoln.

2. Next playthrough I'll probably be neutral merc and do quests depending on who pays better.

Perhaps I'll play as a wasteland defender on another playthrough.
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  3. What are the advantages/dis-advantages of good/bad karma?
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