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User Info: Windfall3332

13 years ago#1
*echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo**echo* *echo*
Definition: Pancreas- a useless organ found in the body.
Sentence: George Bush is the pancreas of the world.

User Info: Carnage01010

13 years ago#2

User Info: xx521xx

13 years ago#3
Never put off until tomorrow what you could avoid altogether.

User Info: Koopa64

13 years ago#4
Yesiree, this here board is dead. :(

Sorry to say it Windfall, but your pretty late. *Echo!*
January: Not exactly a dry spot for gaming since Christmas was last month. :P
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