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User Info: __Arthur__

10 years ago#1
I saw on the tutorial that if you press Up+Square,you can do a Z-Counter,I know how to do this.

The question is,since i saw them saying "when you character starts to flinch,press Up+Square" ,so this mean the move is at same time the punch lands on you or a little after that?

A side question:Do someone use Z-Counter on-line correctly?Due to lag....

User Info: DRV_Hawk_Gohan7

10 years ago#2
I wouldn't say do it just as your character is flinching, but...Link, Tofu, myself & Darkk (though he's gone now) used to do it that way, and we all still do, except Darkk.
I just can't agree that it IS just as your character is flinching, because that's not the way i see it, but it does work, if you want an example of that, i`ll post a video of one of my fights w/ Link, where he Z Counters me like that.

As for the online due to the lag, because of the lag, you have to enter your commands ahead of time, so the lag grasps it & inputs it as the command, i've ZC'ed Mech lots of times in our absolutely terrible connection, and you can ask him if you don't believe me, lol.
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User Info: hangman_link3

10 years ago#3
^ Totally agree with the online part of that post. As for offline, you put in the command right as your opponent is going to hit you. Right before their hit connects, enter the commands.
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User Info: maIafoca

10 years ago#4
up square? I cannot see a square button on the Wii wth
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User Info: dotsnacker

10 years ago#5
malafoca, this game has also been released on the PS2. Arthur most likely only owns the PS2 version but posts here because it's more active than the PS2 board. =P
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User Info: __Arthur__

10 years ago#6
^ You right.

PS2 games....I will miss you when i get my XBOX360.

User Info: Mech70san

10 years ago#7
Classic Controller = PS2 Controller for the Wii version
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User Info: StrobeRed

10 years ago#8
I use the GC controller.
I'm not to big on thrusting the remote and nunchuk to do a Kamehameha etc.
Even though it would be awesome to do one otherwise...
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