War Chest Requirements?

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User Info: I2aScAII

8 months ago#1
I hope I get an answer as these boards are dead.

I don't play SC2 that much but I purchased the War Chest. I know we have until November 4, 2017 to unlock everything.

What are the requirements? Just to play multi-player co-op? Is there an easy way to unlock these skins?
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User Info: Anibourne

8 months ago#2
the easiest way to unlock the nodes is by playing a custom game against a single very easy ai opponent once a day as each race.

each unlock node is 30(0),000 xp. and you get 10(0),000 for the first win of the day as each race....(in addition to all the rest of the xp you get for building, killing ect..)

so doing that youll get at least 1 node every day you play.

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