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User Info: xyosefx

3 years ago#1
I am now on the campaign and not sure what to choose, I heard someone saying something about last mission:
"if your doing ground get disruptor

If your going air get emulators"
there is an option to choose to face against more ground units or more air? I think I got the whole idea wrong hehe.
so someone can explain what could be more useful?

User Info: Kuro-chan_101

3 years ago#2
I think what it depends on is what you want to do with them, rather than what you are doing.

If you are excellent at micro-management, you can use the Hive Mind emulator to snag enemy units that are in range of it. Brood Lords and Ultralisks are obvious picks, but Infestors, Roaches and Mutalisks will also be useful.

If you want strong base defenses, a psi disruptor will give everything more time to pelt away at the enemies.

I have used both, and frankly I cannot say which is better. Snagging units is nice, but you need to be in a good position for that to happen, whereas the Emulator you can build and forget it.

I'll try to list missions where you have the options (depending on what order you play the campaign)

- The Evacuation. You could build either one at the choke points to the main road, but given the lack of powerful units Zerg have (Even on Brutal), the Psi Disruptor would be more useful.

- Outbreak: No point in using the Hive Mind Emulator, but the Psi Disruptor would certain be helpful. All infested zerg units die once it's daylight again. You could try to grab the Infestors, but they are worth more to you dead.

- Haven's Fall: I would have to go with the Hive Mind Emulator for this once, especially on higher difficulties. Ensnaring Mutalisks will help to boost your anti-air capabilities.

- The Devil's Playground: You base does get attacked, but not 'that' frequently. Most of your resources will be spent going on the offensive to clear out Zerg infestations. Most of what the Zerg send at you are Lings, Hydras and Mutas. I think on Brutal you might see Banelings and Ultras. I would say a Psi Disruptor would be more handy.

- The Moebius Factor: This one is a bit of a toss-up. Your main base does not get attacked 'that' much, but at the same time there are a lot of powerful units moving around on the map. If you build Emulators offensively, you can probably snag some Ultras.

- Gates of Hell: A toss-up, but maybe a little more in favour of the Psi Disruptor. Both are useful, since you will be struggling to hold your position. The last you need to be worrying about is an attack on your base while your main army is out trying to recover drop pods.

- Shatter the Sky: I would lean towards the Emulator, because of the more powerful units which harass your base. It's nothing to see lots of Ultras and Brood Lords harass you. Fortunately, if you have destroyed the 1st reactor, you will have a line of sight in the middle of the map to let you know when an attack is one the way.

- All In: This one is a real toss-up, because both are very useful for different reasons. The Psi Disruptor will help you hold off regular Zerg forces a lot better, leaving you to worry about when Kerrigan arrives. The Emulator is more useful against Kerrigan since she cannot 1-shot Zerg with her mechanical-killing abilities. If you can snag Ultras and Brood Lords, they will hold her off more effectively.
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