Ultimate Build for Squadron Tower Defense

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User Info: Spoilerss

6 years ago#11
Is it the number one map in NA?

In Europe it's currently like this:

#1 Squadron TD (always been top or 2nd/3rd)
#2 Desert Strike (always near the top)
#3 Protoss special forces (new)
#4 Marine Arena (relatively high)
#5 SotIS (relatively high, haven't played it)
#6 Element TD (was #1 when it was new)

While the awesomeness of Split TD and blizz's Left2die have dropped down the pages.

I hate to piss in a good thread but I don't know how Squadron TD does it. Until just a few days ago (large map overhaul and 3 new builders) it had been sat stewing in the same patch for ages. And the waits make it the slowest-paced game out there.

Trying the latest update now (bah level 1 again). If my random builder was Elemental I would've followed your build OP.
Playing: SC2 Eagerly awaiting: SC5

User Info: yakkacruz

6 years ago#12
Squadron Tower Defense
Desert Strike
Marine Arena
Nexus Wars
Zealot Frenzy
Star Battle
Megaton Team Monobattles
Element Tower Defense
1v1 Obs Metalopolis

The waits are long, but I cure that with lots of music and calculations. Nujabes' discography has kept me going for hours.

2 allies left on 17 again, except this time after they leaked 20 marauders with no enemy spawns.

Oh, and speaking of Element TD, I haven't gotten around to the game again yet and haven't read the PMs yet. Soon.
. . . I'm a genius, not an engineer! - Aramis

User Info: EDumey

6 years ago#13
Beast (Zerg) is still my favorite to play, just because it's so easy to do so. It's noticeably not as good as it was in WC3 days, but it still functions alright. Though the hybrid build I have for them requires me not getting any SCV's until after 10, so my economy is never as good as someone else who's been going econ early. But I usually end up with one of the higher incomes, while also surviving most waves with extra units behind me.

Though I usually only play a custom game after every few ladder games, so I haven't devoted too much time. I'm still disappointed that there are no RPG type games that are high enough quality to be top of the list yet. Those were always my favorite time sinks in BW/WC3.
"I can already feel my Dumey Lust kicking in." -MistBiomeZ

User Info: yakkacruz

6 years ago#14
There's going to be a 1v1 tournament soon so I'm not saying much yet.

I'm taking a break so I don't burn out before the tournament.

I went back to play Element TD but I'm just bored. I don't enjoy the optimizing in it very much.
. . . I'm a genius, not an engineer! - Aramis

User Info: SkimGuy

6 years ago#15
Squadron TD is pretty fun but once it gets late game, if you leak it's basically over (Your king can't do much)
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