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User Info: BMTO_Abe_Ace

11 years ago#21

From: SeekerOfTheRing | #020
Please show me where the QQ predates rage quitting.

I don't think you can, because you're making it up.

Someone is angry. I saw QQ used as crying in the mid 90s. I never saw it used as a quit now thing until the last couple years.

T.T is a much better crying emoticon than QQ anyway. ^.^;;

User Info: CellularArrest

11 years ago#22
^^ What monitor is that? I've been considering upgrading.
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User Info: OldDirtyCR

11 years ago#23
Contrary to popular belief, QQ is not a set of crying eyes. It actually originated with the advent of Warcraft II. On battlenet, you could press ALT+Q+Q to immediately exit the match and program. Thus the term "QQ" was to tell people to just quit because they are unskilled. The term later developed and lost it's origin and is usually mistaken as crying eyes. In contemporary gamer culture, QQ has become the mainstream emoticon for crying eyes, though it is still often used in it's traditional sense.

Granted its from Urban Dictionary, but it currently has a near 4000 thumbs, 339 down. Which is insanely high;. The traditional "crying eyes" has 2978 thumbs, and 1727 down. Which is pretty meh.

Granted this is all useless

With things like emoticons and meme's, it's extremely hard to figure out the first use. (Obviously some meme's are more documented then others but ). Because really there is no true way to know who used it first.

The way you have to look at it is like this, you need to find the earliest documented use of said emoticon or meme, (QQ). Just merely saying "hey I think I remember someone saying that in chat back in the 90's" isn't really good enough. You need to specifically find a chat log dated back in the 90's.

Memory is a tricky thing, QQ is common place now. How can you say for sure that you truly remember people using it back in the early 90's when that was over 15 years ago, and you have now been chatting for those 15 years. Memory tends to blurr things together, especially meaningless crap like this.

I challenge someone (I will look myself also) to find DATED record of someone using QQ in the "crying eyes" from in a chat from before 1999 (when warcraft 2 battle.net came out).

Once someone (or me) does this, you can finally put a rest to the people claiming warcraft 2 started it.

There is a second possibility, QQ is an emoticon that had two origins and two uses. It is quite possibly that say QQ was "invented" in 1996, and didn't really spread. Then in 1999 it's warcraft 2 use started.

It's quite possible that we just have TWO different origins and two different meanings for QQ. This would be the most logical.

User Info: OldDirtyCR

11 years ago#24
By the way TC.

Are you referring to the chinese QQ client? That is only like 2 years old...

QQ no matter what pre dates this by a lot. :P

User Info: IRoxxorUrSoxxor

11 years ago#25
Please show me where the QQ predates rage quitting.

I don't think you can, because you're making it up.


I will feel the need to show you this to demonstrate the fact that I'm right as soon as you can find a shot from before LAN in War 2 was possible (that's 1995) that demonstrates :) was first used.

At all.

No special context, no nothing.

So conclusively find a picture from 1995 with a specific set of things in it.

Good luck.

User Info: purekorn

11 years ago#26
ITT: Fanboys think all things revolve around Blizzard.

And you have to wonder about the type of people who usually visit Urban Dictionary...

Please "prove" that the first use of QQ was in Warcraft 2 (you can't). People don't have to prove you wrong, you have to prove yourself right.
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User Info: BMTO_Abe_Ace

11 years ago#27

From: NwodAFometsys121 | #022
^^ What monitor is that? I've been considering upgrading.

ASUS VH232 - I loooooooove it.

User Info: 06blkredline

11 years ago#28
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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User Info: Tro77Tro

11 years ago#29
Like everything else, it probably originated from /b/

And /b/ was originally populated by the outcast LUEsers of this very site, evidenced by the fact that the old memes were the ones started on LUE before everything came crumbling down.

But that is neither here nor there.

As for QQ-- WCII was certainly the first time I encountered it. I can't say I've experienced everything on the Internet, but I've been on the Net since the nineties started and I've never heard any pre-WCII reference to this.

You can draw a line of comparison to SC2 by gg'ing for your opponent; exactly the same thing.
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User Info: FallenOasis

11 years ago#30
It was probably popularized in warcraft but I learned about QQ before I played warcraft II. Like back in the MUDs are popular days. IIRC it started as an IRC chat because the Qs kinda looked like the O.O so Q.Q seemed like eyes that were crying. The korean version is T.T
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