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  3. Is Starcraft ACTUALLY the national sport of South Korea?

User Info: iscareu13

9 years ago#1
is it ACTUALLY the national sport, or do people just claim it is?

From Google searching, Starcraft is showing up a lot, but no where does it claim to be the ACTUAL sport of south korea, so i am a little confused. I am know Starcraft is huge over there... but....

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User Info: Sherardy

9 years ago#2
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User Info: KengPaoChicken

9 years ago#3
No. It's not. But it's self-proclaimed national sport.

Putting Starcraft the video game in the books is just a little silly.

User Info: Fa1nTy

9 years ago#4
Basically every nations national sport outside of America is soccer, korea included.
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User Info: backinblack167

9 years ago#5
No. Tae Kwon Do is.
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User Info: pogicraft

9 years ago#6
isn't korea the highest ranked of all the asian nations? (talking about soccer btw)
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User Info: OldSnakeReborn

9 years ago#7
I am half-Korean and I've been to Korea recently. Watching TV, I see they have a Starcraft channel that shows on TV daily. It is big there, but I think nearly every Blizzard product is.

When I went into a Computer Cafe, which is common in Korea as a 7-11, I saw that they had various games played by people. I saw Diablo 2, WoW, and Starcraft. So it appears Blizzard products are extremely popular among the Korean crowd.

However, that's where it ends. I didn't see anything with Starcraft as an actual national sports, but I think it's like what one guy said that it's a self-proclaimed national sports because nothing else is really big over there except soccer.
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User Info: greywolf1982

9 years ago#8

From: backinblack167 | #005
No. Tae Kwon Do is.

Yeap. Although I went to the Wikipedia page and at one point it was edited to Starcraft >_>
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User Info: CellularArrest

9 years ago#9
Quick someone post that cracked article.
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User Info: EnragedSlith

9 years ago#10
Starcraft isn't a sport.
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