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User Info: JamieK1981

7 years ago#161
Well, to get better at any RTS game now-a-days, is to learn to rush.

since for a while now, its all about rushing, winning as fast as possible is more important then actually playing the game, i personally avoid multiplayer because all they want to do is win, fun isn't important to them, just winning as fast as possible.

Even if you win, if it takes longer then 5-10mins you lose.

Its what they are like, single player FTW!!!!

User Info: DarkLight3

7 years ago#162
i have no idea where above gets his ideas. Rushing can be very fun. Especially if you can defend :p

User Info: Vorone

7 years ago#163
Guide: How to get better at Starcraft II

Step 1: Play Terran
Step 2: ????
Step 3: Win!
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User Info: Syst Belgarath

Syst Belgarath
7 years ago#164
Can I mention that there is, in fact, only one War of the Brood.

User Info: mike_fo_eva12

7 years ago#165
back in my day, you came up with your own strategies!
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Save replays of yr defeats and replays of your teammates, study others strategies. Learn what counters what units in game. And SCOUT, scout, scout don't be afraid to send a probe out once in a while.
exploiting bugs is not cheating
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User Info: Dragon239

7 years ago#168
I'm surprised this topic has so little posts. I
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User Info: Vorstus

7 years ago#169
Just had a match against someone, protoss vs terran and my protoss side completely overwhelmed them.

I've played against several good terran users though, those marines sure are good at hit and runs. Zealots are awesome however and they look cool :)
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User Info: FATEslayer

7 years ago#170
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