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User Info: FatCatAttack

8 years ago#11
ilcal: Everything makes baby jesus cry. That's why i hate babies.
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User Info: Ulala Rules

Ulala Rules
8 years ago#12
I requested a sticky. This will really cut down on board traffic.
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User Info: Lost_Sanity

8 years ago#13
tagging for later.
Tag.. Great work dude!

User Info: Grand_Cardinal

8 years ago#15
Requested sticky. and tag
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User Info: icelt

8 years ago#16
Sticky requested. Very good stuff.
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User Info: Exnihilation

8 years ago#17
Thanks for all the compliments! Also shameless self bump
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User Info: Gevauden

8 years ago#18
Gross the fact that you think people have to go to those sites and see those videos just to get better is truly pathetic.

Why can't you just learn on your own and come up with your own winning strategy....that's pretty lame.

Ppl like this TC are the reasons why I might not get this game I'll just go pick up COH since I hear it's better?

Learn on your own don't follow others like some cheap SHEEP.

User Info: pwderdonut

8 years ago#19

User Info: mixon0407

8 years ago#20
what does sticky requested mean? is that where it will always stay at the top of the board?
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