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  3. How does this game compare in difficulty and play style to Age of Empires 2??

User Info: Captain_Lorelli

9 years ago#1

I have never played Starcraft before, but will be diving into SC2 in 10 days. I loved AoE2 and I was just wondering how the gameplay and the difficulty of SC2 is compared to it. I know practice makes perfect as far as the ladder system works, ut will i like SC2 if i liked AoE2? Any insight would be great, thanks.

User Info: Venton

9 years ago#2
^anoter aoe2 fan ftw

this game you do have to macro enough, but still never as much as AoE2. That was such a legit complex game. I personally loved both, so thats my 2 cents
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User Info: Nasty_Nate_86

9 years ago#3
Gameplay is way different and difficulty is entirely on you (what calibur player your playing), though its getting harder and harder since people are getting better. But if u like good games youll like starcraft 2.
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User Info: AdFwee

9 years ago#4
AoE2, i dont have that but I have AoE3 and it is similar to starcraft 1, i actually got AoE3 after starcraft 1 and the transition was not that hard. I know you're commin from the oposite direction but I think you will be okay.
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User Info: headlesshead

9 years ago#5
I used to love AoE2 until I played SC, it's much faster with a more streamlined tech tree and gathering system. But it is in the same vein of RTS as AoE. Honestly, if you like AoE you'll probably also like SC.
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User Info: Polis4rules

9 years ago#6
more micro
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User Info: Captain_Lorelli

9 years ago#7

Thanks for the replies guys. Anyways how long do typical match games last on average? Coming from Age of Empires some games could last hours, which i know is not the case here. I will be playing mostly 2vs2. I heard most 1vs1 matches last 20 - 30 min on average, but not sure abouts 2vs2.

User Info: Shatteredsunlol

9 years ago#8
Unfortunately, you can't just spam 1000 paladins/teutonic knights/chukonus in SC2, and the flimsiest of houses don't take 2 minutes of pounding by an entire army.

I like AoE's resource system though, not so much on the massive villager counts.

User Info: drifter22

9 years ago#9

Did you guys ever play the custom maps? Those were the bomb, like Tower of Kings and etc. Good times

In any case i feel SC2 is much faster than AoE2, and as has been mentioned before; less macro and much more micro.

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User Info: Pirwzwhomper

9 years ago#10
I really loved early game AoE2 with cavemen and hunting elephants, etc. An RTS of just that I'd go gaga over.
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  2. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
  3. How does this game compare in difficulty and play style to Age of Empires 2??
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