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User Info: crazydiamond4

9 years ago#1
Hey all,

So I bought the game used and can't find an instruction manual anywhere online. I have a whole bunch of things I can't figure out, so I'm just gonna post them all in one ? here, and hopefully some peeps will know some of the answers.

1.) How do you do a spin move on offense?

2.) How do you change your team's playbook? I read an FAQ that said this could be done
but can't figure out *how*. And how do I know what all the plays mean?

3.) Related to the above, can I change the defensive matchups in man-to-man defense
w/o changing my guys' positions?

4.) How do quickstrike ballhandling, own the paint, and superstar moves work (think I get
the hot zones at least! :)

5.) What the heck do you do with the right analog?? I guess it's supposed to control your
post moves and how you position yourself on defense but I don't get it. And how do
you get your guy to make a move out of the post??

6..) Anybody got any idea how to set the sliders so the score isn't like 160-150??

7.) I started a dynasty. How come it only gave me three choices on each of my draft
picks? Should I expect that next season as well?

Wow, think that's it!!! Hopefully somebody can answer some of these for me, and thanks in advance!....

~Peace, Rob
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