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User Info: sakurabax_z

11 years ago#1
Ok, this is on NBA Live 07 but I'm posting it here seeing as the 07 board is dead.

I started A dynasty mode with the Chicago Bulls with default rosters. I knew that I would never reacht he playoffs so what I did was I started intentionally losing games.

During the first 5 weeks or so I started trading away people. My idea was a team of stars. So I traded Ben Wallace and Andres Nocioni for Dwight Howard and Darko Milicic. That was good but not good enough. I started scouting my draft class.

I then decided Kirk Hinrich wasn't good enough to be the franchise player so i got Pau Gasol by trading Hinrich and PJ Brown.

I won the slam dunk competition with Dwight Howard, mind you.

So at the end of the season I had 22 wins and 60 losses. The pistons won 3-0 down against Phoenix which was great.

I drafted Horatio Sato who was 22 years old and 82 overall when I got him. He was a Small Forward with the ability to play PF but he was only 6'6 and he had 55 jumping ability meaning his 93 dunk rating was useless.

I traded Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas and a SF for Dwayne Wade. Then I traded Gordon for CP3.

At the start of the year this was what my team looked like:

Ben Wallace-84-C
P.J. Brown- 70-PF
Andres Nocioni- 78- SF
Ben Gordon-78-SG
Kirk Hinrich-84- PG

This was what it looked like at year 2

Pau Gasol-86-C
Dwight Howard-83-PF
Horatio Sato-82-SF
Dwayne Wade-94-SG
Chris Paul-86-PG

Then I realised that next year both Howard and CP3 were out of contract. Since I didn't have the salary cap to sign both of them i traded CP3, Milicic and another guy for Carmelo Anthony and Ivey.

I changed Wade to PG and Sato to SG.

This is what it looks like now:

Pau Gasol-87-C
Dwight Howard-84-PF
Carmelo Anthony-87-SF
Horatio Sato-84-SG
Dwayne Wade-94-PG

But halfway throught he season my team is only 32-24 record. I don't know what the problem is. I have 7 available roster spaces but all 4 except Melo were all-stars. Help me!!!
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