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User Info: realascanbe

12 years ago#1
How do you get the superstars to use their go to moves. i know they have it cause the computer does it..thanks in advance

User Info: TizzLe93

12 years ago#2
I know on LeBron that you can speed to the basket(or post up, hold turbo in midrange)then hit a fade away.
Most of the NBA players have that tho. When I play in play now mode. If u time it right u can make it almost every time.
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User Info: cangkir

12 years ago#3
I played it in comp, but mostly, you should back down your opponent (on the comp, it's "C" button, dunno on PS2), have your back facing the basket (d'oh). Oh, you actually need someone guarding you. If no one is guarding you, the go-to move won't appear. (unless maybe duncan's bank shot)

Then depending on the player, either use press the directional button AWAY from the basket + Jump Shoot, or press the directional button TOWARDS the basket + jump shoot.

Those who use the 'away' direction are, AFAIK : Kobe, Wade, Bosh, Nowitzki, Brand

And those who use the 'towards' direction are, AFAIK : Nash, Paul, Iverson

Some players have other requirements, like LeBron's fadeaway, you just need to drive towards the basket, and pull-up, do a fadeaway jumpshot just after you passed the 3-point line. If there is a defender defending him, LeBron will do his signature fadeaway.

For Duncan's bank shot, just do a jump shot from around 45 degrees from the basket. Easiest point is ont he edge of the free throw line where the line meets the circle.

Parker's teardrop just requires you to drive the lane and do a jumpshot (not layup) facing the basket when you're close enough.

You'll notice the different animation, especially on some players, like Wade, Iverson, and Nash.
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