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User Info: gooch69

12 years ago#61
here's my 2010 dynasty roster

C: Chris Bosh 90
PF: Dwight Howard 91
SF: Lebron James 99 - 2 time mvp lol
SG: Dwyane Wade 93
PG: Chris Paul 92

PG: J. Crittenton 81
C: Greg Oden 79
SG: Ben Gordon 81
PF: Emeka Okafor 80
PG: K. Mcleod 64
PF: K. Humphries 65

yep that's it. young'uns lol
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User Info: dckhle

12 years ago#62

The rosters I have right now

User Info: johnarnel_08

12 years ago#63
im using the boston celtics.. i haven't change much, just updated my roster to the current NBA roster..

C Perkins
PF Garnett
SF Pierce
SG R. Allen
PG Rondo

User Info: T150650

12 years ago#64
Amazing changes looks like a new Celtics team
RIP Chris Pelican
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User Info: LordDarkseid

12 years ago#65
my team is lakers 1st year

C-Pau Gasol
SG-Created Player

User Info: 57CHEVY8

12 years ago#66
New Jersey Nets: (6th year)

C- Josh McRoberts (91, 10M)
PF- Valentino James (87, 10M)
SF- Ben Gordon (91, 9M)
SG- LeBron James (99, 14M)
PG- Steve Nash (83, 14M)

C- Peter Chislom (80, 1.5M)
PF- Dylan Curry (73, 1M)
SF- Marek Feher (77, !.5M)
SG- Luis Garcia (81, 2M)
PG- Dennis Gray (80 1M)
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User Info: MZero

12 years ago#67
Raptors, fantasy draft and what not.

C-Jermaine O'Neal
SG-Ray Allen
PG-Chauncey Billups
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User Info: hayner101

12 years ago#68
C-Dwight Howard
PF-Kevin Garnett
SF- Kevin Durant
SG-Vince Carter
PG-The one and only Captin Canada(steve nash)

User Info: T150650

12 years ago#69
Hayners team = Alley oop central
RIP Chris Pelican
Rams 28 ALL DAY

User Info: cangkir

12 years ago#70
Golden State 2008

PG - Baron Davis
SG - Monta Ellis
SF - Ron Artest
PF - Chris Bosh
C - Andris Biedrins

I was going to trade Biedrins for someone better, but I'd keep the cap space for re-signing Ellis, and this roster is quite enough to win me a championship. Bosh is a major upgrade over harrington for low post scoring.
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