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User Info: Azanode

11 years ago#1
Just some things I noticed and thought I would collate to get an idea of how many little things Starbreeze actually changed. There's probably a lot more I missed as well.


-Fall damage seems to be severely reduced (except for 'out-of-bounds' falls)
-Weapons now have ammo capacities
-Reloading partially used magazines does not waste any ammo
-Non-lethal counters are now part of combat
-Now possible to do a melee bash while crouched or jumping
-Extra health given for repeated failures
-Health stations refuse usage if you are at full health
-Using a health station automatically saves the game
-Slow stealth kills no longer require button mash interaction
-Drop kills are in first person
-Eyeshine is less intense and has reduced range
-Lighting adjustment to simulate eyes adapting to sudden changes in light
-Weapon wheel selection
-Activating eyeshine automatically disables flashlight and vice versa
-Multiple kill animations added
-Interactive objects no longer have grey labels on them


-Music remixed or changed and some audio cues seem to have changed (ie. instead of constant battle music when controlling a riot guard, the music only picks up when there's action)
-Dust particles reduced or removed, making sneaking in darkness more difficult
-More aggressive melee AI that constantly charges toward you
-AI tweaks, enemies sometimes respond differently than in original game
-Design alterations for Hoxie, Abbott, Johns, the Xenos, Cusa and Harman
-Riot guards cannot be stunned, and walk more slowly
-Outro and Intro movies removed and put into extra content menu
-Lights added onto some stairs to make navigation easier
-Explosion when returning to prison blocks kills one of the guards
-First riot guard carries security card and cannot be evaded
-Some enemies are scripted to attack you when in the original they did not notice you, or kept their distance
-Mattson walks toward your cell during the appropriate part of the story
-When Rust's goons ambush you, the one that leads the attack was behind in the original
-Molina does not have a knuckle duster, you get it from speaking to Waman
-The design of some crates has changed
-The valve in the Pit is already in position
-Small arms fire can damage your Heavy Guard, health now regenerates
-The trajectory of the Heavy Guard's rockets is slightly altered
-Ambush from reinforcements added to Heavy Guard chapter
-PA announcer added to Security Research levels
-When controlling riot guard, the arms seem to take up more space on the screen
-Large Xeno gibs rather than leaving corpse
-Some smoke packs moved slightly
-After donning a Light guard armor, Riddick isn't wearing gloves like in the original
-Mattson doesn't scream when his wrist is broken and Riddick is also silent when he's hit by a shotgun while running to the Pit
-Riddick shows his arm when asking Pope Joe to stitch it
-Hoxie's personal guards stay camouflaged except when firing and they don't recoil helplessly when under fire
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User Info: Azanode

11 years ago#2
-Mini gun has aiming laser
-Shotgun rack added to Space Hangar area
-Riddick is already wearing the cryo suit in the cutscene just before Triple max
-Abbott moves around more effectively in the gun fight
-In the second fight the nano med room cannot be accessed until Abbott is defeated
-Different camera angles are sometimes included in character interactions
-When an enemy is finished off in melee combat, ragdoll doesn't take effect, a more realistic dropping animation occurs instead
-In the ring fights stepping out of the ring results in instant loss whereas in the original you had a couple of seconds to get back in without consequence
-Button operated door added to the early Xeno invasion section
-Corner of room where 'sharp shooter' patrols doesn't offer a hiding space in darkness, same issue with Triple max near the computers
-Gas removed from tunnels in Triple max
-Dialogue added for just before you pass out in Triple Max
-Revas and Dark Athena appear in Riddick's visions
-Camera angle when Riddick presses the button to access the take-off platform focuses on the Heavy guard that appears on his right rather than behind
-Riot guards aren't defeated as easily by the mini-gun
-Riot guards appear in Tower 19 rather than the standard double max guards
-Cusa fights less aggressively
-In the room just after the Work Pass, the light the mechanic is working on stays off for a slightly longer period of time
-Miscellaneous design changes to environmental objects such as turret bases, fences, fans and nano med injectors
-Dialogue for large Nano med station is different
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User Info: spartan574

11 years ago#3
I miss Cusa's old Tattoo :(

This is very useful. Sticky Requested!
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User Info: Cycho_Blade

11 years ago#4
Good job, you listed pretty much everything. My only complaint is the layout, but that's completely irrelevant when you look at how much information there is.
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User Info: ViolentPudding

11 years ago#5
Great job!!

Do you also intend to list the changes to the bonus unlockable content? It's been mentioned elsewhere that the videos of the original EFBB prototype have been replaced in the new Butcher Bay. Have you noticed any other of these sorts of changes?

User Info: Azanode

11 years ago#6
Yeah, sorry about the disorganized layout and wall-o-text.

As for extra content I know the novelization excerpt is also missing and I've noticed concept art for Riddick and Pope Joe that I haven't seen before and the renders for the light guard and riot guard might be new, but maybe not.I've played the original game a lot but I don't go through the extra content often so nothing really jumps out at me. One thing though, is that they removed the comments that went with each piece of content.
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User Info: Cobra_Viper

11 years ago#7
Bump! Great work TC!
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User Info: Azanode

11 years ago#8
-Before a ring fight starts you can toggle weapons with d-pad
-Riddick faces downward when talking to Waman
-Gulag has the habit of walking away while you're still in conversation mode
-Michaels puts his ear to the door when listening to the torture twins and wanders a bit further later on
-When dropping down to Tower 19 the guard at the bottom is always in the right spot for a drop kill
-Dialogue added for when a turret finds a body
-Dialogue added to container router indicating rail lock down
-Holding or tapping RT seems to affect the type of kill animation you get
-Bosses aren't made harder by increased health but added speed and recovery time
-In Aquila Territory where the bomb goes off you can fight the two inmates there separately
-In the original the guard that appears at the end of Aquila Territory will discover the body nailed to the wall "got a body here," now he patrols without saying anything
-If you rescue the inmate getting gunned down in Aquila Territory he doesn't attack you
-The guards investigating Rust's body don't split up
-If you attack one of the two inmates after defeating Rust, the other will join in the fight rather than doing nothing
-When you enter Tower 17, Thunder, Silencio and Steele appear out of the room Ropes is guarding rather than being there from the start
-The tranq gun is able to set off wall-mounted gas tanks
-In the area leading to Security Research there's a metal guard on the fan preventing you from heading back once you're on the other side
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