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User Info: Knyte23

11 years ago#1
Hey all,

So I can play every game I own on the 360 without issues. I can even play Star Wars Legos CS with no issues Episode 1-3 all chapters. Episode 4-6 I can play chapter 1 in each.

Here is the problem.

On every single chapter after chapter 1 in Episodes 4-6 I get a Cannot Read Disc error. Again, no other game of mine does this. And the Disc for this game is flawless (I take great care of my games and have even tried to load a dirty trashed copy of Halo 3 off a friend and it worked).

Any comments on why this is happening? Or how I go about fixing this? I cant get a repair order made online for my 360 and havent gotten around to calling them back (their system was updating last time sigh).


User Info: ashlan_99

11 years ago#2
i've gotten this frustrating error a few times with this game as well. (as well as a few other games). as far as I can tell, nothing to be done for it but to eject the game from your consol and start over. luckily this isn't a very difficult game and you can get back to where you where fairly quickly in most circumstances
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User Info: El_Skutto

11 years ago#3
Even though there might not be any marks on the disc, it could still be defective. If you're still able to, return to the store where you bought it and exchange it for a new copy. If it's too late for an exchange, you could always rent the game at a local store and try it out on your 360. If it works, swap your defective disc for the good one and return the defective to the rental store, and make sure you tell them that it didn't work to get credit for the rental.
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