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  3. How is this different to the individual games?

User Info: d_henderson1810

8 years ago#1
I have both "LEGO Star Wars" games, 1 & 2. I was wondering what extras or different features there are in this game, so I can decide whether to trade in my two games, and get this instead.

User Info: battlfrnt2006

8 years ago#2

The graphics are "shinier" I guess, and some additional content for the levels and some extra characters as well as allowing you to play both games seamlessly lol. It's well worth it.

User Info: Just_a_loser

8 years ago#3
Well, the LSW2 stuff is more or less exactly the same, but the LSW1 stuff has been updated a lot.

A dozen new characters have been added, the levels have been updated with various differences over the originals (such as building stuff and imperial/bounty hunter consoles added), some of the characters play a bit better (most noticeable of all is the Droideka, who was annoying to play as in LSW1), and there are an additional 18 red brick goodies added to the LSW1 levels. Useful ones too like Stud Magnet, Force Grapple Leap, etc.

"Mos Espa Podrace" and "Gunship Cavalry" have been given a complete makeover while the originals are still playable in the bonus area. Also two prequel trilogy levels have been added that were not in LSW1: "Bounty Hunter Pursuit" has been added to the beginning of episode 2 (finally making that episode have 6 levels), and an additional level for episode 1 called "Anakin's Flight" is added to the bonus area.

So yeah, I'd say it is worth having, specially since it is less than $20 now. Once you play this one, you'll have no need for the other two.
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  3. How is this different to the individual games?
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