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User Info: BlowzerMan

9 years ago#1
All guys, I have literally everything everything done, except for 8 gaps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I need:

Philly -
Hip Lip
Building Jump
Roof Grind

Museums -
Side To Side

Lansdowne -
Break Out
Crazy Transfer

Monuments -
Acid Rules
Over The Pipe

Guys, any help will be greatly appreciated. I just picked this game off after a long layoff, but if you guys have any gap questions, I'm more than willing to help. Thanks in advance guys!

User Info: Cheater Hater

Cheater Hater
9 years ago#2
Yeah, this board is pretty dead, but I remain vigilant--and actually do hope to finish my FAQ someday! Right now, there's a couple gaps I can remember (or find on the board):

Acid Rules: Hit the QP's where you get money transfer, going away from the gap - you'll go up the wire. At the ledge above the QP at the end of the red carpet, jump off and acid onto it. You should get it that way.

Over the Pipe: I believe that's just gapping over the pipe, jumping (not spining) from on side to another--use an Aggro Kick and you should get it.

The other ones I don't remember (I haven't played the game in months) or knew that I didn't know. Maybe I should do Monuments though--I already have it templated at least. We'll see.

User Info: BlowzerMan

9 years ago#3
Thank you so much! Anything really helps! If you need any gaps, just ask. I too have taken a huge layoff from THPG, but I still remember quite a few. So don't be afraid to ask!

User Info: Cheater Hater

Cheater Hater
9 years ago#4
For starters, start with the ones I mention I can't replicate in the FAQ (which I'm assuming you're using, since there are no duplicates). Maybe I can get another version of the FAQ out soon--it's probably going to have Monument gaps--and since I don't really need to play Classic again thanks to the other FAQ (even if it's barebones, it's still a decent, understandable stopgap), maybe my next run of Story stuff!

User Info: BlowzerMan

9 years ago#5

Pool Spine: Spine between the to large pools in the center of the stage. Unavoidable gap.

Slummy Pool: Spine into the pool on top of the building down the hill from where you start from the street side.

Slummy Pool Side: Same gap as above, just spine the only other available side.

Terremotito: This is most easily achieved using the “Rooftop Photo” challenge. Just begin, and instead of ramping out, acid drop down and you’ve got it.

Vicarious Jump: ???

Pool Slummin’ Corner 1: Spine transfer onto the building in the bottom left hand corner of the map (southwest), from the right side (east).

Pool Slummin’ Corner 2: Same building as the first spine, just spine from the top (north) this time.

Dual Pool Northside: Do I really need to explain this one?

Dual Pool Southside: Or this one either?

Car Kicker: A car with a plywood ramp attached to it near the southeastern side of the stage.
Can’t miss it.

Over Tracks: In the vacant lot directly next to the “Slummy Pool”, you’ll see the highway ending into a wall. Beneath that wall, on both sides, are two ramped walls. Merely air over the highway from one wall to the other.

Train2 Ground: At the bend in the highway above most of the stage, there is a ramped wall. Jump off of the wall and immediately acid drop. If done correctly you will acid drop onto a ramp in the middle of the road below.

Momomonkeys Shop: From the starting point of the stage, turn southwest. You should see a storefront with an awning, and two quarter pipes on either side. All you need to do is air over the awning.


Central Lip Tricky: ???

Lippy Lip: ???

Hip Lip: ???

Fire Lips: Lip the fire escapes just above the “slummy pool”.


Long Highway: Grind most of the length of the highway. Simple enough.

Building Tour: Begin by spine transferring out of the “Dual Pool Northside” and air the wall immediately facing that direction. Upon airing that wall you should grind the highest possible ledge to the south (LEFT), and continue grinding until you receive notice of completion of the gap.

Building Jump: Just continue the “Building Tour” gap further around the building, you’ll grind until you see the two large, partially destroyed walls attached to the dual pools. Jump from the building to the first destroyed wall and grind it. Now jump to the second destroyed wall to finish the gap.

Roof Grind: ???

Jump Grindy: ???

Blah Grind: Grind the WHOLE edge of the yard that has the crane in it. From one side of the little blue ramp all the way around the yard to other side of the little blue ramp.

Third Rail: Up on the highway (facing north), right after you pass the crane (on the left) you should see a bar attached to the highway (on the left almost immediately after the crane). Merely jump on and grind until it gives you the gap.

Rory’s Grind: ???

Crane Grind: Grind from the base of the carne to the top or vice versa.


Roof Manual: ???

Highway Bend: Manual around the bend on the highway, seems fairly self explanatory.

Dumpster Man: ???

Alley Manual: Manual the length of the alley in between the dual pools and the crane’s yard. Manual from street to street, south to north.

More to follow in the next few weeks.
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