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User Info: hockeychick10

10 years ago#31

im on right now if someone wants to play

fc 107524090554

User Info: vanjewel09

10 years ago#32
i just got th pg and where do i go to see what my fc is?
ac: ww fc, 4983-6623-2318 name: sparrow
town: blacklea

User Info: hockeychick1029

10 years ago#33
hello im new a wanted to play online and i added most of u and u can add me if u want my fc is 107524090554

User Info: PsychicRutabaga

10 years ago#34
Probably the best time to play online is Friday Night Fights, 5-7 Eastern time Friday evenings. You can usually find 4 player games on auto-match which is a little easier than coordinating friend code matches. The official website (ds.thpgonline.com) sponsors these, so there's at least a few folks playing every week.
"What's the weather like in Lorerma?" - Xaer

User Info: rednike91

10 years ago#35
i just got off "suspension" so if you guys wanna add me thats cool i posted my fc earlier in the board i think first page
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you fall into an open sewer and die.

User Info: lbendezu92

10 years ago#36

My FRIEND CODE IS 129003610165

AND MY E-MAIL IS... lbendezu92@hotmail.com

Im felipe

see ya!.

please tell me if you add me and i WILL add you

User Info: plaspo

10 years ago#37
i made a post on another borad but cant be bother with that so heres mine again.
FC:4554 1536 1471
if you wanna chat or anything add: saw19023@hotmail.com

User Info: marvinmn

10 years ago#38
ibendezu92 i added u on tony hawk proving ground my friend code is 081749428948 i cant wait to friend match with u why do we play friend match tuesday agust 19 im looking forward to our match

User Info: marvinmn

10 years ago#39

everyone please add me i will be on everyday from 12:00am-8:00 8):lol:

MY FC:arrow:081749428948

User Info: marvinmn

10 years ago#40
ISIAH_Zombie i added u my fc is 081749428948 i cant wait for our friend match
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