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krudster 13 years ago#31
Just wanted to add my voice to the cries for the translation guide. I actually want to review the game for Eurogamer, and, with this guide, I might actually be able to alert Sega of Europe to put pressure on them to localise it into English.

So...if that acts as a little spur to get it finished, that would be great.
zartan_jk 13 years ago#32
Just checking in...seeing if we had new updates, but I guess not. :(
b0otleg 13 years ago#33
I'm not even planning on buying the game, I just played the demo and of course I don't speak Japanese so it made no sense to me. I'd love to read the FAQ just to understand the story though.
FullMetal_Ninja 13 years ago#34
Please let me know if anyone can tell me where to find or if anyone made an English walkthrough for this game. I just bought it a day ago. Thanks! ^^
Bkurisenshi 13 years ago#35
I imported mine & should get it soon. But yeah, an English walkthrough would be awesome to have.

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IGN: BuraddoRun
caesarsix2 13 years ago#36
yes please, a story explanation cause the game is great but i really don't get anything, and always get bad endings as well..
dabura667 13 years ago#37
Leave it alone.

I say why bother making the translation guide? to be honest, unless you're good at japanese (which not a lot of foreigners are) or lived in Japan for a few years and have spent a large amount of your time hanging out with/speaking Japanese, you will most likely misinterpret a lot of the stuff in the game...

Anyone interested in this game prolly knows Japanese, and if they don't why are they interested in the game, without the reading it's a picture show with music.

If you want to understand it, learn Japanese, if you want to make a translation guide, check it with a native Japanese person who is currently living in Japan and has lived in an english speaking country during elementary school years whose english is rather good. That way you know it's right.

If you want I can check for you (I have the game and am fitting the conditions above, my english is good right?) but to be honest, it wasn't that interesting of a game and translating it is I believe a waste of time.

If there was a demand for translation of this game, they would have done it, as localizing this game would consist of 1. Translating the text 2. getting voice actors to speak the lines. so it wouldn't be hard, but why they don't do it? it's not even popular game in Japan.

But do as you want, and if you have a question, feel free to send to me at
matsuringo667 [at] yahoo . co . jp (change [at] for @ and no spaces at all, just inserted those for protecting from phishing)
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