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  3. won't even let me login to the game...

User Info: Doomhammer2187

7 years ago#1
I keep getting authentication failed. I've done reset password multiple times and have carefully type it into the login screen with no success. I can login to the website but not the game..... what the hell? This game has given me nothing but problems since I bought it.

Anyone else run into this issue?
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User Info: okazen

7 years ago#2
I got the same error since last night. Just to realise if you have pre ordered the game, You should enter your new CD key to activate it its a different one. Even in digital. Like I bought the game from their website still didnt receive my Retail key, but my free 30 days that comes with the game is alrdy going by lol. So they say it takes up to 24h to send it, I have been waiting for 30h.... oh well soon we will play

User Info: holiday1021

7 years ago#3
The grace period has been extended for 48 hours. You have till the 12th to put your key in. If you are having issues logging in, talk to CS, it may not be the retail key giving you the problem.

As far as I know, resetting you PW only resets it for the website, right?

User Info: Weiki Weiki

Weiki Weiki
7 years ago#4
I'm having this issue right now and its BS. I wanted to play tonight, i bought the game, and now I can't login? what the hell. I had a buddy key and it expired so I put in my actual key, it even shows that I have the game but won't let me login.
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User Info: gildedgirth

7 years ago#5
Not sure if this is your problem, but just FYI, if the server is down for maintenance, it won't let you log in.

It's confusing, as you'll see some error message about your login not being able to be authenticated or something, so makes you think you doing something wrong.

They should fix that and send the proper message if you are trying to login during maintenance. Rather than make you think you have the wrong password or something, have it say you can't login in right now, or that login servers are down.
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  3. won't even let me login to the game...
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