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User Info: AlphaGamer

2 months ago#1
Some people are finally playing this online again due to it recently becoming a GWG title. You do have to wait awhile to get matches going but it was worth it for me to play it again. This might be your last chance to play the online multiplayer so enjoy it while it lasts.

This game was popular on Xbox Live for a few years. Sadly, the developers made the idiotic decision to completely remove online multiplayer from Saints Row the Third and then further ruined the series with Saints Row IV.

User Info: Vampirehuntr

2 months ago#2
Yeah, I saw a few people looking for someone to complete co-op earlier today. I assume it's due to GWG. I'm gonna try to get a few games in before it settles in obscurity again.
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  3. Online multiplayer is back
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