Saints Row 2: Frequently Axed Questions V2 [*READ HERE BEFORE POSTING*]

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User Info: This2x4Skeleton

9 years ago#1
This is Version 2 of the new Saints Row 2 MiniFAQ.
The first time around I left a lot of questions out thinking that common sense would answer them.
I was wrong. Enjoy :P

Warning: there may be some *SPOILERS* below.
Push Ctrl+f on your keyboard to find what you're looking for.

Quick Links: Are you looking for...

-A partner to do online co-op with?

-A map of CD/Tag/Barnstorming/StuntJump Locations?

-A List of Unlockable Weapons, Abilities, Homies, Vehicles, and Items?

-A map of the Secret Areas?

-A Guide to The Hitman Missions?

-A list of known Easter Eggs and Secrets?

-A list of Cheats and Achievements?

-A list of guns that appear in the game?

A lefty with 500 friends?


-Does using cheats disable achievements?
Yes, just like in Saints Row 1 using cheats will disable achievements, preventing you from unlocking them.
You can deactivate a cheat by navigating to the cheats menu in your cell phone and simply clicking the cheat again.
This will not allow you to unlock achievements, however. Once you cheat and save the game there is no turning back.
I recommend having one main save file, one for co-op, and one for playing around with cheats.

-My friend joined me in co-op and was using cheats, does that affect me?
Yes, it does. If you care about achievements make sure your co-op partner isn't using cheats before you join them or vice versa.
When they attempt to join you the game will tell you if they have cheats enabled.

-Which cheats disable achievements?
Just about all of them, the only exceptions are three 'exclusive' GameStop codes.

-The Gyro Daddy #4976 [Mini 2-seater helicopter]
-The Peewee #7266837 [Minibike]
-D-stroy #728237 [UFO]

These three cheats do NOT disable achievements.


-Can you play split screen co-op on the same Xbox?
No ma'am, the Xbox isn't powerful enough to render two full scale cities at the same time....or so I've heard.
For this reason you can only play co-op online or through System Link.

-How do I get the online co-op achievements?
Your best bet would be to get you and your partner to start a new game (Title Screen>>Co-op>>New game) and play it that way.
You'll both unlock the achievements as you complete activities and missions together.

User Info: This2x4Skeleton

9 years ago#2
Where is...

-The Heron Hotel?
Go to the Hotel & Marina district, now look at your map and go to the Drug Trafficking activity, once there head to the left until you see the silver bird statue, move forward into the fountain area with the waves/ramps and take a left. There's a door you can go into. Inside you'll see a statue that has a sign on it that says 'Heron House'. This is the hotel. Still stuck? Go to the red dot.

-The Underground Mall/Ultor Stronghold
It's in the High End Retail district near the Night Club. Go to the red dot.

-Where is the abandoned drive-in?
On the furthermost left of the Arena district. Go to the red dot

-How do I do the Bonus Mission/find Julius?
Any time in the game after you free Johnny from the courthouse you can go to the Police Station located on the south side of the Saints Row district and find recorded conversations between Julius, Troy, and Dex in the room marked S.R.P.D Detective Bureau on the 3rd floor. You'll find a file that has Dex's phone number in it, after you call it he'll tell you to meet him at the church.

-Where can I find a monster truck?
-You can get one in the Brotherhood stronghold Poseidon Alley Docks, after you steal the Brotherhood truck and join the convoy you should see a monster truck driving around. Steal it and quit the mission. Note that this may not work if you replay the mission from the clipboard instead of chronologically as you can't keep anything you retrieve during a replay mission.
-Go to the Trailer Park district. You'll find one eventually.
-Defeat the Brotherhood to get Maero's monster truck.

-Where can I find an ATV/Buggy/Toad?
-You can find them in the Underground Mall located in the High End District.
-Beat 1 Chop Shop, although mine never unlocked by doing this.
-Successfully do 10 Hostage diversions to unlock the Special Saints Row variant of the Toad.

-Where can I find a Hurricane?
-Hurricanes have been known to spawn at the dock in the University district.

-Where can I buy the Pimpslap/foam hand?
Sorry, you can only get this baby with cheats.


-How do I Mug people?
1) Find a pedestrian on the street
2) Arm yourself with a gun
3) Enter focus mode (Click in the right stick)
4) Keep your reticule aimed at the pedestrian
5) Watch as they throw up their arms, drop a wad of twenties, and run like hell.
6) Rinse and repeat

-How do I Car Surf?
You see that nice car stopped at the red light with the pedestrian driver in it? Jump on the hood.
When the pedestrian starts driving the game should prompt you to press the (Y) button to start the Car Surfing diversion.

-How do I Base Jump?
Leaping off of a high structure or out of an airplane/helicopter at a high altitude will prompt you to push the (Y) button to open your parachute, after that it will prompt you to push the (Y) button again to start the Base Jumping diversion. Note that landing in the center of the target area (usually on a car) will net you the ability to take NO DAMAGE from falls, no matter the height.
Base Jumping cannot be done in all areas.

-How do I do Drive-bys?
Get in your car and drive around until you find some rival gang members or pimps.
After you shoot and kill 2 or 3 of them you will be prompted to to push the (Y) button to start the diversion.
Also note that you can kill Saints to start the diversion.

User Info: This2x4Skeleton

9 years ago#3

-I beat 'InsertRandomActivityHere'. Where's my achievement?!
Did you beat the activity at all locations?
There are 5 instances of Hitman, 5 instances of Chop Shop, and 2 for all the rest.
Make sure you've beat the activity at its other locations, too.

-How do I install Saints Row 2 on my hard drive?
Turn on your Xbox and put Saints Row 2 in.
Go to My Xbox>>Game Library>>Saints Row 2>>Install to Hard Drive.
You'll need around 6.8GB of space.
When it's done you'll be able to play Saints Row 2 from the hard drive, however you will still need the disc in the tray for verification.
Installation will shorten load times.

-How do I unlock the Soprano achievement/Sing along to the radio?
The simplest answer is to just get in your car and listen to The Mix 107.77 radio station.
Drive around for a while, or just leave your character sitting in the car.
Come back after a while and check if you've unlocked the achievement.

-How do I get Infinite Respect?
I honestly couldn't find any definitive answer for this.
A lot of people claim that all you have to do is beat activities until you have over 99 respect and it should kick in.
According to Sagarat: "Get 85 levels of respect, and then you will have infinite respect."

-How do I get _____ as a homie?

[Vehicle Delivery Homie:]
Beat the 3rd level of the Escort activity in the Red Light district. Beat the 6th level to get vehicles delivered for free.
[Johnny Gat:]
Defeat the Ronin
Defeat the Brotherhood
Defeat the Sons of Samedi
[Zombie Carlos:]
First you have to beat the Brotherhood mission 'Red Asphalt' and then call Eye for an Eye. The number is 555-5966.
Beat the Fight Club in the Stilwater Prison district (Prison island)
[Legal Lee:]
Beat the 3rd level of the Fight Club in the Stilwater Prison district (Prison island).
Beat the 3rd Sons of Samedi mission, Airborne Assault.
[Jane Valderama:]
Mug 50 people. You mug people by aiming your gun at them in focus mode, click the right stick in. After a few seconds they should put their hands up and a few seconds later they should drop some money and run. Note that some people won't react at all, in that case just run to the next person. You can also rob stores this way.

-Why won't my homie come help me?
Probably because you're in an area that's inaccessible to vehicles. Try going to a road and calling them again. Note that there are some points in the game where homies won't come to your aid regardless of where you are.

-I killed 'InsertHomieNameHere', are they gone for good?
No. Just call them back later. Note that there's a rare glitch where some homies won't come back.

-I'm trying to buy all of the stores, I can't find the last few
You're most likely missing the ones in the underground mall, it's located in the High End Retail District.
When in the mall you can open your map to see which stores are on the level that you're on. There are 9 stores in the mall, they are:

[2nd floor:]
Brass Knuckles

[3rd floor:]
Friendly Fire
Phuc Mi Phuc Yue

[4th floor:]
Let's Pretend
Nobody Loves Me
Company Of Gyros
Freckle Beach's

[5th floor:]
Leather & Lace

Also remember that you can't buy the stores in the Saints Row district or the Rim Jobs in the Nuclear Power Plant district.
You can also open your map and put the cursor on a store to see if you own it or not.

User Info: This2x4Skeleton

9 years ago#4
As with the first thread I'm gonna need your guys' help to get this topic sticked and replace the original one.
Please go to the old topic and nominate it for deletion so the new one can take its place.
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User Info: bigben_316

9 years ago#5

User Info: This2x4Skeleton

9 years ago#6
Thanks man
"Stretch me over this..."

User Info: mjc0961

9 years ago#7
Good topic. Sticky/unsticky requests have been sent.
You learn something new every day. Usually, how dumb yet another person is.

User Info: This2x4Skeleton

9 years ago#8
Thank you good sir
"Stretch me over this..."

User Info: Rings

9 years ago#9
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