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User Info: SagaraSouske

11 years ago#1
The order of progression for Combat Arts is as follows

C/B/A Rank combat arts with Speed weapon -> Nimble -> Swift and Turn into New SS rank combat art and -> Nimble -> Swift

C/B/A Rank combat arts with Power weapon -> Might -> Peerless and Turn into New SS rank combat arts and -> Might - Swift

All combat arts have lvl I to V. When you max your combat art tree, it generally is maxing rank C/B/A arts. Rank SS arts takes a bit of skill grind to get to.


Swift Four WInds V -> Rose of the Winds
Swift Slice and Dice V -> Julienne
Swift Twin Gimlet V -> Double Bone

Peerless Four Winds V -> Boxing the Compass
Peerless Slice and Dice V ->Rend
Peerless Twin Gimlet V -> Jackhammer
Peerless Retribution V -> Doomsday

Peerless Fleche V -> Battlestra

Swift Leg Splitter V -> Lickery Split

Swift Crush V -> Pummel

User Info: edrez

11 years ago#2
HHmmm.....this is weird.....When I ended disc 1 Baulson was a Legendary warrior and most his skills three was pearless something V, except for heaven pierce (or whatever is called) that was just lvl II, then when he changed to gladiator all the skills started to change to mighty and they remain like that....

Now I just saw my rush go from Thunderclap II--> nimble thunderclap III--> thunderclap IV
And my Torgal from Mighty Quadreline III--> quadreline IV....


User Info: prime277

11 years ago#3
like the tc said here, it depends on the weapon used. so im guessing your chars upgraded.
I'm sorry , im not trying to be mean.... but your stupidity angers me

User Info: Takfloyd_mkII__

11 years ago#4

So this means there's STILL like 100 Combat Arts NO ONE has? O.o

Anyone knows if they look different than their un-upgraded versions? I'd assume not, though...

But seriously, hiding so much stuff no one ever gets in the game is overkill... unless they plan to release more DLC that blows the current ones out of the water difficulty-wise.
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User Info: Panopictonguy

11 years ago#5
Some people have those Combat arts. Couple (as in literally 2) people have posted about them to my knowledge.

One person said his arts werenamed different then the description. And one guy say his torgals art changed to Boxing the compass

I thought the 2nd guy was joking he was actually the first to posr something like that.

And the second guy had a list of them...I thought it was cause his game game was from a different region...

I'm so dumb....>_>

But all in all this says...YOUR CHARS CAN GET SO EFFIN STRONG lol.

Ok Sagara...I have 1 thing on my mind since your revealing the mysteries of the Universe. Think back to the base battles.

Castanea & Roeas can actually do team attack called catapult if you let them get to close together. If you say there is a section about team attacks this will instantly become the best RPG on the 360...Until star ocean then FFXIII. Synergies are technically team attacks. But I remeber they had team attacks in Saga Frontier if all the right characters did skills that could link up.
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User Info: diamondisII

11 years ago#6
Hmm... it seems this game has TOO many arts. There's no way you can get all of those in a normal play through, hell, even in an extended play through you'd be hard pressed to do so. Also, I think that's meant to be lickedy split =P

User Info: darglor

11 years ago#7
That's weird... I went from a Swift Four Winds V to Boxing the Compass, not a Peerless...

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#8
Heh, Boxing the Compass. What a weird name. And isn't it "Lickety Split"?
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User Info: Panopictonguy

11 years ago#9
Actually I was close to my Devil's Due upgrading but I switched 1 of my Hands to a Axe and it went down from Peerless devil's due to Nimble...>_>
GT: Ningenmaru, PSN: Nuninga

User Info: dazbuzz

11 years ago#10
My weapon arts dont even go into swift/peerless... ill never see these new SS ones.
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