ps3 release?

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User Info: icypacker

6 years ago#1
why didn't this game ever come out on ps3????
whats the reason?

User Info: potionsmaster

6 years ago#2
They had some technical issues with the unreal engine (iirc). And if the ps3 build was worse than the 360 version, I think it's a good idea they didn't release it >_<

That said, I really wish the would have made a proper ps3 version :(
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User Info: Tsohee

6 years ago#3
i had it on the pc it was an amazing game. i would say its in my top ten favorite games

but still i would rather have it for the ps3
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User Info: Kit_Sakurazuka

6 years ago#4
Because it sold poorly on the 360, as JRPGs tend to, and SE took it as an indication of a lack of interest in the game rather than of the fact that 360 owners are not generally JRPG fans.
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User Info: Ichiko_368

6 years ago#5
I still plan to get it for my 360 but i wish they had of patched that version atleast.
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