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User Info: Sammy102093

7 years ago#1
The list for japan has been updated again, which now includes all versions of Nier and Dungeon Siege 3. All other games are still present, including TLR.

Sammy102093- been a loyal fan of Tri-Ace since the beginning. Although there are many great RPGs and companies, nothing can beat Tri-Ace's creativity. :D

User Info: MuhammadJA

7 years ago#2
I hope it's real.

User Info: xsesh

7 years ago#3
^ same here
ZOE3, Console 2D Castlevania, Chrono Break, 2D \ Console 2D Metroid
Where are They?

User Info: Lamace

7 years ago#4
Maybe the reason its taking so long is because they are rebuilding just about everything about it (aside from story) from the ground up. Or they might be using a newer version of the Unreal Engine on it, or maybe porting the games assets to Crystal Tools. But whatever the case, I still really want to play this game, I had a blast with the PC demo, and hope that the PS3 version, if ever released, gets a similar if not better treatment.

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