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User Info: jhayze018

9 years ago#1
exp farming can only be done on post game!

get a full blue bonus board (+140% EXP)

synth 2 Oyakodon/Curry Rice to a 4blank weapon (+40% EXP)
3 characters should have this so that would be (+120% EXP)

synth 1 Oyakodon/Curry Rice to an neck acc (+15% EXP)
4 characters would be wearing this so that would be (+60% EXP)

synth 1 Oyakodon/Curry Rice to a Learning Gloves (+25% EXP)
4 characters would be wearing this so that would be (+100% EXP)
synth 1 Oyakodon/Curry Rice to a wrist acc (+15% EXP)
4 characters would be wearing this so that would be (+60% EXP)

so all in all u have a (+420% EXP) with the Learning Gloves and (+380% EXP) without it!

now create and stack a lot of the Oyakodon and Curry Rice and any food that gives the EXP bonus after battle!

make sure Bacchus is in your party and he should have acquired the skill 'Black Hole Sphere' and equipped with the 'Scumbag Slayer' and also make sure that Meracle has also aquired the skill 'Ocarina'

go to the 7th floor of Cave of the 7Stars and look for a 'Metal Scumbag' mostly located neither in NW or SW of the map and there is only one of him!

engage a fight with the enemy and then just spam Bacchus Black Hole Sphere and it will kill all the Metal Scumbag within less than 9sec! then use Meracle's Ocarina skill to respawn the monster and thus do repeat process! you will be racking up 4-5million+ of EXP each battle! and dont forget to use the Food items that gives you an extra bonus EXP after a battle!

all my chars are lvl.255! happy leveling up!

User Info: Neo_Zeromus_X

9 years ago#2
So I guess even with the overflow exploit removed, it still isn't very hard to powerlevel in post-game.
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User Info: SSJXeno

9 years ago#3
Haha how long did it take you to do that? And thanks for the advice..

you'd probably would know this but does anything carry over when you start a new game? like do you keep your current level? or items? etc etc..

User Info: jhayze018

9 years ago#4
with 3hrs i level up 6 of them to 255!

and u dont carried over all the items, skills, lvl, etc. in your new game+

User Info: Succubus_1

9 years ago#5
... or you could just do one of those battle trophies for -ology drops in the WD and get to 255 as a side effect. It doesn't take long at all and most people will at least try a couple of trophies anyway.

User Info: SSJXeno

9 years ago#6
then is there a bonus of leveling up to 255? trophys? anything why bother why not just try get all the endings?

User Info: jhayze018

9 years ago#7

the fact that im using the instant kill with the scumbags to lessen the time leveling up! think of this... your character is leveling up +4 to +6 each fight and on each fight it only takes less than 5-9sec to finish! then it wont even take long to use Ocarina skill in the menu to respawn the monster! just stand nearby the killspot--respawn--engage!

while comparing to randomly wandering around in the WD which btw monsters there doesnt give that much EXP comparing from the Metal Scumbags and it will take awhile to finish them off bcuz mostly of your characters levels are low!

my guide is just a rapid way of leveling up! so your characters have the chance beating the monsters and bosses without having any difficulty and relying that much mostly on specialized synth equipments! and also to do their battle trophies without worries!

User Info: Allenshayvor

9 years ago#8
what fun would it be if you characters were overpowered and you could easily kill every boss?

where's the fun in that? it's like trying to play a GTA game w/ cheat codes for over 20 minutes... there's no fun in it.
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User Info: jhayze018

9 years ago#9

i guess u havnt playd yet the post game or just a noob but even if ur lvl255 its still not an easy task to kill some of the monsters n bosses on the post game! go to C7S and WD with a low level and u will see how ur gonna get murderd!

im playin thru ryt now on universe mode cuz i dont find the galaxy mode challenging!

User Info: ditra

9 years ago#10
It is pointless to farm exp in postgame anyway. When you do WD you just get so much exp from all the fight you go into either for specific drops such as geostones/philosopher stones/dragon god scales or just the plain assassins you need to face to advance.
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