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    DiogoShadowJorg posted...
    Actually there is still a reason why you should use one. Because after that 3 hit combo, you can use a KM/Special Arts right after by canceling the combo into one. So even if you don't have a multi hit killer move, it still adds a four hit to the combo and extra damage.

    still a bad system/a change that was not needed, esp for any die hard fan of the original, also kills nostalgia it just feels wrong entirely and wasn't a fan of that dum change on the so1 remake either.

    still get more benefit later on chaining km moves into one another, so again its pointless and just irks me its even in there.

    which is why I still play the psx one given the choice, still prefer that version without all the other changes.

    Anyways to the TC,

    depends on what type of gameplay/style you want for your run through the game, also depends if you're doing any ''challenges''(restrictions put on yourself)

    Great in all modes

    Good-Great (range and animation delay can be an issue sometimes, hence the split rating)

    Avg-Good, "Bad" in universe mode (low hit skills, can't star spray)

    Avg-Good, "Great" in universe mode (she's overkill for normal mode and wont put the time in creating her 3 KMs, but her range and utility is amazing for universe mode)

    Good in all modes

    Good-Great with a certain weapon

    Great in all modes (just spam poison/explosion pills)

    Great, benefits any team, can be swapped out for Opera though (depending)

    Kind of useless, buffs don't matter much

    The best mage, only one with multi hit spell, but it does terrible damage unless you do that weird spell combining thing.


    *cough* Useless

    Teams I've ran:

    picked up
    Rena - Dias - Ashton - Precis - Celine - Noel - Claude

    used mainly
    Rena + Claude + Dias + Ashton
    for fun, Precis

    picked up
    Claude - Opera - Bowman - Leon - Ernest - Chisato - Celine - Rena

    used mainly
    Claude + Opera + Bowman + Chisato
    for fun, Leon/Ernest