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    loseless posted...
    I know, Noel sucks.

    The thing is, I've read here and there that some characters were better on the original version (Ashton) and others got the better end of the stick. I just wanted to know which got better and which got worse so I could base who to use in which version.

    Fighters got a huge buff in Second Evolution with a 3 hit combo string. Fighters were always better than casters, but now they ridiculously outclass them. I honestly kind of hate the 3 hit combo string, because it makes a lot of killer moves almost useless. Why use a KM when you can do almost as much, or more, damage with just a 3 hit combo? There are some exceptions, Leaf Slash, Helm Splitter, Mole, and a few others are all still useful, just not for damage. Those moves are good for moving around the battle really quick.
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