Anyone else notice Claude lag?

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User Info: Kurtayn

9 months ago#11
There are some moves that won't lag on block (mostly long-ranged ones, with a couple exceptions), so you may wanna use those if you really want to use Aeterna or other stronger swords. Claude, for example, has Dragon Roar and Rock Explosion, which are fortunately 2 of his best arts. Buffing up Claude's HIT stat as well with Foot Insignias, buffs (Angel Feather and Bless), music (Cembalo 1 or Piano 2) helps as well. Although impractical against random battles, buffs are very useful when fighting the hardest bosses in the game.
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User Info: Davincross

9 months ago#12
True. It just didn't sit well with me. Using skills knowing they'll prob miss without extra equipment to boost his HIT and one of his best skills - rock explosion - giving you the short range version instead of the long range version because they enemy came closer or you inched closer to them. And raising his HIT mainly via accessory slots as opposed to using those accessory slots to double his ATK power or equipping something to absorb or halve elemental damage.. which can be really useful with the hardest enemies. Overall, just didn't like Claude's character in this. Besides Dragon roar, his attacks and stats are off, so I went with Dias for the long haul, wider variety of useful attacks and great HIT. Again, just my opinion.

Lol, just found my old post on Claude -

As the main, you think he'd have some really great skills like roddick in the last one or maybe inherit 'tiger palm' or something really useful from ilia. Nope..

Rock explosion has a great aoe but slow to pull off. When fighting fast ppl they'll either hit you beforehand or eat you while you're doing it. The animation itself is fast but the first hit isn't immediate, the animated rocks have to hit your opponent, making it actually slower than it looks. Dragon roar isn't as good as it's version in first departure. It cost a lot and I don't know if there's a delay or angle issue but it just doesn't shine like you'd hope. Mirror slice on universe mode is pointless unless you have marvel sword for the 100% hit and I'm wondering can enemies get out of the combo even if you land the first attack? I'm pretty sure they can even with 100% hit, for instance, if you're standing too far away..though i'm not completely sure about this.

They buffed air slash but I think it should have been more, like maybe all cylinders at max proficiency count as continuous hits or sumn and make it faster!. So many other characters shine in some way, opera-healing star/tracking plasma, bowman with explosion pills, dias hawk blast, chaos sword, illusion, chisato tear gas, 10,000 volts.

Using the star spray from aeterna or other methods is nice but he needs to get so close to the enemy for his regular attack (plus its kinda slow)! This is just hellish in this kinda game. The best attacks are quick and from a safe distance. Plus when fighting the extra boss, the stars prays can be countered and get you hit!

Hist stats don't make up for it either. His defense is high but really needs to be even higher for him to really set himself apart and be the close range fighter I think he's supposed to be. It may just be the RNG in my save file but his def is roughly equal to bowmans and a little better than dias. Of course I could just not use him, but all in all, still disappointed.
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  3. Anyone else notice Claude lag?

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