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masaki4773 posted...
I think I'm gone so far with debuff codes now.

I can use EVERY GROUP of debuff codes take effect at the same time!!

codes are VERY LONG. but let me explain....

everyline must +4hex to add another code like 5150 , 5154 , 5158 +++ whatever

202F5150 24020028 (28 of KodaDono's code = Disable+Oil effect)
D056E5DC 0000FFB7 (line of Joker command, must over group code)
202F5154 A2020019 (group 0019 is KodaDono's code)
202F5158 24040008 (08 of group 001B = BERSERK effect)
D056E5DC 0000FFB7
202F515C A204001B (group 001B ,I found on 2channel BBS)
202F5160 240600FF (FF of my newfound 001C group = weak all elements)
D056E5DC 0000FFB7
202F5164 A206001C (group 001C Elemental Affinity)
D056E5DC 0000FF77 (line of Joker command, must over group code again)
202F5154 00000000 (turn off code = shut down line 202F5154 above)
D056E5DC 0000FF77
202F515C 00000000 (turn off code = shut down line 202F515C above)
D056E5DC 0000FF77
202F5164 00000000 (turn off code = shut down line 202F5164 above)
202F5168 24020000 (End code, use to end effect of 2402 code, prevent bugs)
202F516C 24040000 (end effect of 2404 code)
202F5170 24060000 (end effect of 2406 code)

we'll see our result like this
when code ON
you'll see [Oil] and X mark [disable] on cactite's head ()
result of line :
202F5150 24020028
202F5154 A2020019
cactite turn RED because of [berserk]
result of line :
202F5158 24040008
202F515C A204001B
and finally WEAK 8 elements
result of line :
202F5160 240600FF
202F5164 A206001C


when code OFF

must re-enter map OR let enemy generates AGAIN (by killed or walk away) to ON-OFF take effect.

I think I'll break this project now. :P maybe another time..

I tried to manipulate this way you concatenated the codes to build this hack up:

202F5150 24020008 (Oil)
D056E5DC 0000FFB7
202F5154 A2020019 (Some status ailments group)
202F5158 24040001 (Fire weakness)
D056E5DC 0000FFB7
202F515C A204001C (Elemental weakness group)
202F5160 24060000 (Bypass fire absorption - set "none" to absorption)
D056E5DC 0000FFB7
202F5164 A206001D (Elemental absorption group)
202F5168 24080000 (Bypass fire resistance - set "none" to resistance)
D056E5DC 0000FFB7
202F516C A208001E (Elemental resistance group)
202F5170 240A0000 (Bypass fire immunity - set "none" to immunity)
D056E5DC 0000FFB7
202F5174 A20A001F (Elemental immunity group)
D056E5DC 0000FF77
202F5154 00000000
D056E5DC 0000FF77
202F515C 00000000
D056E5DC 0000FF77
202F5164 00000000
D056E5DC 0000FF77
202F516C 00000000
D056E5DC 0000FF77
202F5174 00000000
202F5178 24020000
202F517C 24040000
202F5180 24060000
202F5184 24080000
202F5188 240A0000

I equiped a shortbow with fiery arrows and tested the absorption bypass with Firemane. The expected behavior of the fire damage works pretty well, but every enemy have HP/Max HP/MP/Max MP equals 0, and the party get the same when touching the save point or leveling up - maybe, its something due to the bugs bypassing, but I didn't figure out a way to change the script without this happen.