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User Info: TirpitzLuminare

8 years ago#1
Due to the length of the original topic I have decided to create a new thread with all information needed to find the games maps. Requesting this topic to be stickied for future players of this game. If for some reason this topic fails to be stickied please keep this bumped so it doesn't fall victim to "lockout limbo".

Complete Map set of all areas in the game; multiple locations:
Megaupload - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YB14SK01

fftogether.com - http://www.fftogether.com/FFXII%20IZJS%20Maps/Final%20Fantasy%20XII%20IZJS%20Game%20Maps.zip

TyrantWave's Download link - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4059012/FFXII%20-IZJS-%20Maps%20Complete.zip

Special thanks to TyrantWave for hosting the maps.


Individual Map locations:

Megaupload - http://www.megaupload.com/?f=80NRVE56

fftogether.com - http://www.fftogether.com/forum/index.php?topic=2764.0

If you wish to read the about this history of the creation of these maps please consult the GameFAQ's thread. FFtogether.com's thread has pretty much this same topic but formatted much better due to the ability to use HTML code to create links, and edit font size etc..

Links of interest:
fftogether.com - http://www.fftogether.com/forum/index.php?topic=2764.0

GameFAQ's - http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/939426-final-fantasy-xii-international-zodiac-job-system/55268786?page=1


I suggest that you download the "All Map" pack, as they include all revisions and updates that may have been missed in the individual areas. Please try to use the Megaupload's link first, due to the fact if no one downloads anything from it in 90 days it will vanish. If it vanishes please use FFtogethers or TyrantWave's download link that they have so graciously provided.

Thank you, and Enjoy,
Tirpitz Luminare

User Info: TirpitzLuminare

8 years ago#2
These maps include:
-All known treasure chest locations and contents
-All Rare and Trophy Game enemies
-All Hunt Club Marks locations
-Many Quest items/locations; Matamune, Great Cockatrice Escape, Patient in the Desert, Bhujerban Madhu, Windmill Numbers, etc..
-Movable environmental fixtures, Weathered Rocks, Withered Tree, Precarious Mine Cart, etc
-All maps of every zone in the game, including The Great Crystal, Skyferry and Sky Fortress Bahamut
-All hidden areas that do not show up on the in-game map, such as Henne Mines area, and Pharos - Subterra and more
-Baknamy Merchant location in Necrohol of Nabudis
-And Much more

Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System Maps-

User Info: flak76e

8 years ago#3
Again... awesome job :D
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User Info: pyro_bunta

8 years ago#4
Sticky requested

User Info: triplexraider

8 years ago#5
Sticky requested also.
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User Info: xxlulabellexx

8 years ago#6
I'll say it again, you aren't getting enough gratitude and recognition for your hard work... sticky requested!

User Info: ChaosBeelzemon

8 years ago#7
I hope it gets stickied fast.

User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

8 years ago#8
Ok, first, this needs to be stickied.
Secondly, I am going to play the translated version.


I've played the PAL version twice, and the IZJS version, once.
I was mainly just running through IZJS so I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted.

Now, I'm planning to use the Piggyback limited edition strategy guide of the original FF12.
If you (or anyone else) are familiar with it, I'd like some advice:

1) First, I suppose that the content for each treasure chest, the percentages, and the treasure chests locations themselves, section on the guide will be irrelevant, right?

2) If #1 is so, do your maps cover these? (treasure chests, percentages and content).

3) What else should I label as 'irrelevant' when reading the guide?

4) Are there any items/magic/weapons that exist in the original FF12, but are absent in IZJS?

5) Are there any other 'Zodiac Spear cases' in IZJS version? Or Zodiac Spear case itself?

6) Is there any way I could use your link's content as 'pictures' in a PS3?
Since I don't own a PC currently, and probably for some more time. :(

Thanks again, and I'm wowed by your work! Keep it up.

- Kuja105Reborn ....... You will never be forgotten ....... R.I.P. -
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User Info: TirpitzLuminare

8 years ago#9

1.) The chest information in FFXII IZJS and the Original release are completely different. So that guide, if I read what you said correctly is for the "Original" Release, if so, will be completely useless. Which is why I made the maps in the first place since the only other place you can find a visual representation of chest locations/contents is a Japanese/Chinese website. .

2.) That being said I have included all (known) chests in IZJS, with their contents, and percentages. This was copy of Split Infinity's work from his brilliant "Difference Guide" which you can find here at GamFAQ's. I have included a readme which explains how the information displayed for chests on my maps works. You can also consult Split Infinity's guide for a much more detailed explanation. I covered the basics which in truth, is all you need to understand how they work.

3.) A great many things actually. Shops are the big one. You no longer need to find Gambits in treasure chests, as once you complete the Barheim Passage they are ALL available in the Gambit store, no more waiting until the Phon Coast to make a Gambit that removes "Oil".... All hunts and Rare/Trophy Game have remained the same as have quests.

Weapon information will also not be accurate as many weapons have been re-balanced due to the "Class" restrictions. For example, the first Katana you can get in FFXII was the Kotetsu IIRC, it had 50 Attack power, in IZJS the same weapon only has 16. Reason being it would be very unbalanced to create a Samurai if it's first weapon is 5 times as powerful as any other classes starting weapon. You will find this through out the entire weapon list. Magic's have been redone as well, Faith and Bravery for example are now White Magic, not Green. Outfitters in the Phone Coast are completely re-done, and actually have things worth buying from them now.

4.) I can't think of anything that is in the original but is not in IZJS, I could be mistaken. There are loads of new things in IZJS though.

5.) There is NO Zodiac chest BS in this version. The spear is, as it should have been in the original an End Game weapon, and you wont find it until late in the game. The chest is guarenteed to have it each time it spawns, though has only a 1% chance to spawn. You can also get some from the "Outfitters" in the Phon Coast.

6.) Humm that is a interesting question. I don't own a PS3 so I am not sure. They are "JPEG" type files already so they are pictures, but they are zipped up. If you had a way of unzipping them I don't see why not.

I suggest looking over this FAQ, it will answer any other questions you may have;



Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System Maps-

User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

8 years ago#10
Wow, thanks for everything!!

I guess, I should discard everything chest related, and everything shop related in the guide, and use your maps as a replacement. But some more things (I'm sorry lol, I swear it's last questions):

1) Are the chests in the same locations as in the original? With no new chests? (just curiosity)
2) What about the Bazaar? Has anything changed about it? Or would the strategy guide for the original be accurate?
3) What you said about "hunts and Rare/Trophy Game". Does that mean I could use the strategy guide for a 100% accuracy in a perfect game?
4) I'm interested in your personal opinion. Do you think there's anything specific in IZJS version that is worse than its counterpart in the original version? Or is everything better (in your personal opinion).

Thanks for everything, and I guess I'll just unzip them in a friend when I go to get the patch, and put them in a HDD.
Maybe I'll print the whole thing as a minibook, and put it in my library with your name on the side! ^_^

Thanks for everything.
- Kuja105Reborn ....... You will never be forgotten ....... R.I.P. -
*Metal Gear Saga* plays on the background. "You hear that? It's for you!"
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