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User Info: j_riv216

11 years ago#1
i just finished my 1st season and went 77-5 on superstar with this roster:

Josh McRoberts
Elton Brand
Luol Deng
J.J. Redick
Chris Duhon

Mike Dunleavy
Jared Jeffries
James White
Erick Dampier
Bobby Jackson
Jason Hart

I obviously did a fantasy draft and traded for a couple duke guys i couldn't get in the draft. Thats not too good of a roster according to the game, meaning I'm a beast. I'll destroy anyone. Feelin froggy? leap, you see my psn down there punk. Oh yeah, UNC blows, GO DUKE
PSN: JoeKingDaDroKing

User Info: wendizle

11 years ago#2
yup it all about da royal blue baby!!!!

User Info: NBAmaster33

10 years ago#3
i think I got 78-4 once
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