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User Info: mudfan312

11 years ago#1
Can someone please explain the trading concept? Its so annoying. Especially he "CAP" thing. I hate it when I can't offer some players.
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User Info: uraz3r0

11 years ago#2

I wrote a paper about the NBA Salary Cap. WIki it, and good luck.
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User Info: pistonsfan13

11 years ago#3
If your team is over the cap, then you need to try & match the amount of money the player you are trading & the amount of who your trying to get pretty closely. There will be a check in the middle of the offer if it will work. They also have to show an interest in who they are getting. Below are some examples.

Your Minnesota, you have $19M & your trying to get Pau Gasol from the Lakers. Gasol makes $12.6M, the Lakers are interested in Antoine Walker who makes $7.77M. You offer Walker for Gasol & even though there is a $4M dollar differance it will work because you would still have $6M in cap space.

Your Denver, you have -$19M & your trying to get Theo Ratliff from the Pistons. Ratliff makes $11.9M, the Pistons are interested in Nene who makes $10M. You offer Nene for Ratliff & there is a $1.9M dollar differance it won't work because you would still be over the cap. So you add another player who is making close to $1.9M, it will work because the salaries will match up even though your over the cap.

Hope that wall of text helps.
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User Info: NBAmaster33

10 years ago#4
it's complicated
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